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rantings part 2– and the sealed-forever person in my hate-list

to start it off… the intrams practice today… more exhausting than the other meetings! and grr… another body breakin muscular pain!!… ayoko na tlga.. pero i enjoyed the dancing part.. tho i’m not a born dancer.. really. haha… we got it right at last… we’re just polishing some steps… oh and the foil thing? it sucks! obviously nagpawis kame and sweat is dripping off our now yucky and sweatful arms as we raise it up high for another step! how gross.. i feel dirty…-_-… pero oks lng un.. haha.. masaya nman eh…^^;;

i sooo hate eniger noma!!!! <— to be added in my hate list later…well actually.. tagal ko na tong hate!! sobrang lait kung maka comment kala mo naman champion! eh 4th place lng nman.. last pa!!! yak noh! yabang!!!-_- additional temporary hates… geoc (ops di na blind item yan)… yeah yeah.. she the senior na nakasama nmen sa scrapbox making contest.. she's fun really… pero i started hating her awhile ago.. nkkinis sha.. prang nagkukwento pa ng mga 'tingnan mo o.. hahahha' and pointing sa 'ung nka yellow visor' (w/c is me..)…-_-

add mo pa ung mga super nkkconcious sa audience…grr cla…-_- sarap i-shoo!


another boiling arianne…

i do this rarely… and that is to permanently seal one person in my hatelist.

this is also the first person i mentioned in HL1 in my previous post. the one who is maarte. mayabang.. the stupid eye-roller person… kasi i was cheering for our team.. the thing is.. i was making bara the other team w/c is Syrinx (oops.. frends kme nyan) by inserting our team name in between their cheers (na hindi nman obvous kase tinatry ko na spawan ang boses nila).. haha… and she turned up… and sed ‘ulol’ while i don’t notice.. pwes PUTANG INA MO! ang kapal ng mukha mo.. cno bang mas mukhang ulol satin?! die bitchy fucking slutty whore! whatta motherfucker u are!

<— while i keep you curious on who this daughter-of-hell is… let me give you a clue. her initials can be found in appliance centers and if ever, in your house too… it's a BRAND name.. can be your tv brand, ref, or audio system.. just guess…

well…un lng nman.. i just hate her.. hope she dies earlier than me…

actually.. the ‘CONSEQUENCES’ of being in my hatelist permanently isn’t severe… wala lng un.. di lng kita ppnsinin kung kinakausap mo ko. iirapan kita when you make stupid things, or pwede kita ipag-pray to go to hell or i can bash you somewhere anonymously, bsta un.. kung kaya ko kulamin na lng kita.. bsta.. all i’ll do is wish bad luck to you… everywhere.

isa p pla.. c eniger noma… kainis lng tlga un.. arte eh..-_-

nuff sed… flamers? fuck off… i just said what i want.. i’m not purely evil after all… just 75%… *raises eyebrows*

FYI. i’m a passive hater…i’m not off to doing verbal things when i hate someone…i don’t punch i don’t kick i don’t patid them off the stairs… BUT I KILL! muhahahah.. jk.