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another tiring day…

-_-.. pagod nnman ako… kahapon, my dad was using the pc so i used the laptop instead… kaasar kasi sha eh…kahapon, kahit nkkpagod ang mga practices.. masaya parin… i had a really great fencing duel with konzen.. wahaha… and because i’m so inexperienced in the art… the game turned out to be humorous.. haha.. parehas nga kme di marunong eh.. we’re just overwhelmed to actually touch and use a real fencing sword, the fun part is.. me (sanzo) is fighting with my other ego in saiyuki, w/c is ate martha (konzen) and our duel was damn lonnggg… hahaha…

k.a. invited some of us for a ‘taping’ para sa a.p. presentation.. i’m gonna play a role of a cavalier (tma ba? kabalyero?).. fighting in a war.. and in the scene.. we’ll lose… haha… mga kasama ko ay cna… k.a., nez, kim, michi, tepai, and kai. ^_^ it was fun! grabeh.. wattawar.

tapos some time during that day, me, janel (kuroi) and michi played soccer… michi was the first goalie and janel and i were to make points.. tapos un.. switch goalies.. c janel nman.. LoL.. and we were trying hard to play like ken! (weiss kreuz)

neway.. un lng nman.. cheering competition na kanina… and ours was sooo sabog.. per nice na rin in a way… we did not chant well…-_-… the other teams were ok.. pero some were boring really….haaayyy… ung props namen.. ang bano!… imagine.. may foil na nga na nakawrap sa arms.. tapos magrawrap pa sa pants.. corny.. pinasuot pa nila jazz pants and they want us to TAPE it??? pano kaya didikit yun…so they made a remedy.. they made it hang on our tighs.. kaso madali mahulog so.. ingat ingat na lng…. wish ko manalo kami.. sobrang kaba ko nung kame na.. ang daming audience sa harap…-_-… pero when we were there…. nawala lhat ng insecurities ko…just gave my best shot… na hindi enough compared to others…-_-…lousy me.