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haayy… tiring day it is.. i’ve been telling that for a couple of posts right? eh tiring naman tlga eh.. and i’m really happy still.. coz i’m reading harry potter 4 -goblet of fire… at the same time i’m feeling a lil sad.. haha 3 wks 16 chappies… eh.. sensha na. i read only small amounts a day kasi ang busy ko no! pero yesterday.. i was quite satisfied of myself having finished 4 chapters last night.. which brings me to chapter 20 by this time.. ^_^… haay.. can’t get enough spoilers.. like cedric diggory’s going to die? and the possible future of harry in the 7th book… dead.

possible, right? since i’ve put into consideration that prof trellawney’s [did i get hte spelling ryt?] predictions couldn’t go wrong.. that’s what i think.. and she’s allmost braggin harry about his soon death… either way.. let’s enjoy his remaining life line… ^^

sorry ah.. la ako masabi… ang gulo ng utak ko.. mali mali na ata cnasabi ko.. -_-