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all worn out

whew.. what a tiring day! -.-..this week.. as expected more tasks are to be done.. i’m not even halfway!!! grrr… super daming assignments!! and as i said before.. my only inspiration is Harry Potter!! why did i suddenly became addicted to it? when last year i’m so clueless of that sci fi thing? was it? oh well.. but least i’m not as ignorant as before.. i managed to read until chapter 10! in two weeks!! that’s.. um.. beyond average reading.. i mean.. slow… very slow.. hehe.. anyway.. i understand naman eh.. i’m not reading the whole day and it’s like just a few minutes per day that i read the goblet of fire… and again.. i’ll have to exted it for another week.. it’s just not enough for me to finish it in a week.. it’s soo short!! can’t finish it on time..!!

and wierd ko naman.. barok barok na ung mga pinagsasabi ko! haha.. pagpasensyahan nyo na ko… stessed tong taong gumawa nito eh.. well… haha.. nkkbaliw.. honestly i can take the muscular pain from the afermath of the physical fitness test pero recently di ko kinaya! i had to put four strips of salonpas on both my arms and both sides of my shoulder bone(lower i guess) near the neck? malay.. -_- ah bsta un.. ang skit tlga ng katawan ko.. maybe because i had to bring the ultimately heavy keyboards to school!!! for quite a long time.. 3 days? LoL ang short nman non! pero di nga! mabigat sha in fairness.. a round of walk on the flight of stairs.. super hingal ka na! try mo kaya!!!! ang yabang mo!! kala mo cguro kaya mo noh??!!! grrr kaaaa!!!

hayy.. bat ganun/. di na ko nag rereview sa mga quizzes… LoL pero sa awa ni GOD pumapasa kahit pasang-awa.. -_-.. need to study more.. bye

oi! typo errors nnman noh?? bhala ka na intindhn yan!