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project insanity

not a minute from now i’m going insane on researching about different asian tribes.. the one that you can consider to stand out from other tribes and the one that is still living.. up to now. can you help me?

not only that.. this really annoying computer assignment makes me check for other search engines aside from google, yahoo, altavista, ask jeeves and fact monster…-_-


but anyways… i’m practicing on living with my motto ‘live life to the fullest’.. and definitely.. drowning myself in a pile of projects won’t make my life fun…-.- so my only consolation is looking at my wallet and staring at my daniel radcliffe pic in there.. and also reading harry potter 4 – the goblet of fire .. well, now i can say i’m not so afraid of reading a thick book.. if it includes harry potter. 🙂

that’s it… ^^.. i hope i won’t get comments… for that proves less people has hit on this blog and that also assures a little less than 50% of privacy.. ^_^

LoL… i mean.. please do post comments… ^^