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soo hectic.. can’t figure out which task i’ll do first.. the advance hworks? projects? reportings and presentations?

nkkinisss!! ang daming dapat gawin!!

oh well.. i hope makapagsurvive ako… oh yeah.. there is one person i hate in our class… i won’t mention her name… she never had any direct offense on me.. pero.. grr.. tlga.. ang yabang nya.. -_-…haayy… pero nevertheless.. my other classm8s are fine.. at least.. that’s all i can say..

and… i don’t have much of my friends in our class… out of 47.. i can only get along well with 8 people… besides the fact that there are many kinds of students roaming around in a class… the anime fanatics… the neutrals… the pop-us.. the semi-friendly people… and the annoying bitches… where do you think you belong?

hey! khit ganto kabadtrip and first few days of being a junior.. my consideration parin naman c Lord.. hehe.. on th first day.. i saw blue.. in the skul.. where else..? the second day.. i was happy that my congregation.. namely “YFC” (short for Yaoi Fangirls Congregation) has grew pretty much more than before… ^^; and on the third day.. i saw blue again… heheh… and when east meets west.. we just stare at each other.. for like a second.. hehehe… ah basta un na un…

i had a dream a yesterday.. hmm… andun c blue chka seatm8 ko..alam ko nag uusap kmi ni ‘seatm8’ tapos.. blah blah blah.. binabato ko sha ng coins.. -_- tapos… binato rin ako ni blue ng barya.. ang wierd… sna pera ang ibig sabihin non…



a friend told me this… count 50 beetle cars (the real ones, not in magazines, tv’s or pictures).. then remember the color of the 50th car. for example it’s RED… the person wearing a red shirt or blouse who asks you the time… that’s it!

un lng.. labo ba? try mo!