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just got back from the airport

*sigh* tiring but worth it… at least we ate at a restaurant after fetching my mom from the airport… she went to Davao three days ago.. it was cool.. they said… ^^; eat all you can buffet, boat ride, and the most alluring natury [is there a word?] scene… they were on an island.. for a convention… with the best hotel accomodation.. ang cool dba? and that’s for selected agents only.. like my mom. She’s so lucky.. that i’m thinking if i’ll still inherit her insurance business as an agent..ehehe… malay ko.. i’m still undecided on what to take.. tho i promised my sister i’ll take business management major in accountancy.. then.. on to the CPA lawyer thing…

anyways.. haha… free internet time again.. it’s like 3 minutes has passed after 12 midnight… that’s what i’m waiting for… the offpeak hours for free internet usage…

oh.. awhile ago in the airport… me and my sister went to us the bathroom… LoL.. i don’t feel like urinating at the time but i entered the cubicle.. [for no reason..o.o] and yuck… urine splats around the toilet.. eew noh? ewan ko kung ano nangyari.. i wiped it with a tissue… then threw the tissue in the bowl… and! desperately looked for the flush button.. i can’t find it!! grrr.. i searched… all the sides of the toilet… like for a couple of minutes? until i noticed this red think blinking… and (hallelujah!) the fluch button was just above it! stupid me… then i got out of the cubicle and waited for my sister.. she went to the sinks.. then!

…. LoL.. the fosets are soo complicated to use.. we don’t know how to use it! it’s like my first time to enter an airport cr…grr tlga!!! i laughed.. and told her nevermind that foset!

nung bumalik kme sa car.. we told my dad about that thing.. and also taught us how to use that fucking foset! automatic pla!! prang ung hand dryer where you put your hand under it then warm air gushes out… prng ganun… -_-… i didn’t think of that.. seriously…

stupid me?

judge me.

onga pla… tamad ako mag edit ng entries.. if ever my typo or grammar error.. pls bear with me.. besides.. clear nman ung gusto kong sabihin eh.