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harry potter mania III

you might think i’m overly obsesed with Harry Potter right now. that’s right! and i’m making a fanfic out of it..as i said before… ideas come and go.. better make a masterpiece out of it before it leaves. ^^; LoL… oh.. in on my Links there in the nav bar.. you can see the ‘mugglenet’ right? oh yes! click that please! it’s a very very very great site for harry potter fans.. it contains all the information you want to know! and it’s one stop! so that’s really cool! .. i highly recommend that site! it’s uber great! ^^;

by now i’m trying to save all the important information i can gather about HP then… try ot print it as well… i never thought file transferring can be difficult… our printer is ok now… the real problem is with the USB port.. whatever that is.. -.-

have you ever heard of ‘your new name’.. just a stress relief i found in my email- the one where you’re gonna get your new… fun… cute name.. like mine.. i’m Chim Chim Cutiehiney loL.. that sounds really cute.. ^_^ and i thought.. the names in HP sounds just like it… um.. not actually just the ‘hufflepuff’.. cute ne?