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I’ve had 3 coffees at this point. Brewed coffee from last night that I added milk to in the morning, hot brewed coffee earlier at dinner, and iced brewed coffee with milk right after dinner to go with my chocolates for dessert.

I was excited to come to the office today. I had plans of being productive. Of finally writing test cases for one of my projects and turning it over to the users for testing.

I was also looking forward to take the car with me. Oh, I love driving our new car. It’s so comfortable. The steering wheel is so light, the turns feel easy, the interior space is amazing.

It’s not without flaws though. So far my biggest gripe is Apple Carplay not connecting properly. If only the head unit has a ledge and was a bit tilted I could just put my phone on it like I used to with our Vios and I wouldn’t have to bother with carplay. But because there’s no place for me to put my phone I had to make sure it’s being mirrored on carplay and that is no easy feat. Car is confused which iphone to pick up and we don’t know how to switch. Still figuring it out as of writing. But oh well.

Besides carplay I find the cupholder placement hard to get used to. It’s right between seats. I mean it’s fine but because it’s mostly out of sight for me, I’ve been forgetting I have coffee with me which sucks because I like to drink hot coffee while sitting in traffic.

I really just want an accessible spot for my phone without having to install phone holders that block the AC vents. I want something sleek, tbh I just want to put it right over the head unit lol.

Oh well.