A very personal blog

The week that was

Nothing much happened the whole week. I came to my physio session and made good progress with my range of motion. We’ve come so far, but it’s still not enough. I also went to the gym once, and finished a whole workout video. My abs hurt the next day and it feels good. I also finished a 3-day set of cold pressed juices from Juice.Co – which by the way I didn’t fast for. I just wanted it to replace my snacks, I still ate solid food. And it felt great, I actually feel better. I lost like a pound lol.

It’s another week of not doing anything substantial at work. I’m STILL trying to fix this prod issue with my automation, I think I mentioned it before, but all I can really do is raise tickets and follow up on them. If I had all the access needed to perform the fix I would’ve done it myself but… oh wait I have no clue how to do stored procedures. My bad lol. It’s just that there are so many people involved for what could’ve been resolved by just one person but unfortunately that person doesn’t have enough clearance to grant permissons so I have to work with someone from the morning shift. Good thing we have enough overlap. I don’t know. I’m just waiting to be fired.

My husband asked me if I ever regretted working so hard at school. And now that I think about it, I realized that I didn’t really learn much in school. Because I didn’t love learning back then, everything I learned I forgot. I studied because I was supposed to. I got good grades because I liked getting good grades, not because I liked what I was studying.

I am proud that I graduated with honors. But it didn’t really do me much. The only leverage it gave me was getting hired for my first job which didn’t favor fresh grads from unknown schools unless you had a latin honor to boot. And that was it. And it’s not like I was really ahead of the game among my peers. It’s not even like I earned the most. A decade later and I’m no better.

I like where I am right now though. I get paid more than enough without doing much. Which reminds me, I need to start doing “much” to keep this job. Hay. I wish I had a leader you know? Someone to tell me what to do. I’m lost without a shepherd seriously. And that’s my problem with work. I cannot function without a leader and right now I’m a lone wolf. I’d rather take orders.

My husband is doing well, sometimes I wonder if I can just retire and be a full time housewife lol.

Should I continue managing my Facebook page? To be honest I don’t really know what to do there. I don’t want to engage anywhere. I just want to upload my weekly vlogs to youtube, occassionaly throw in review videos, and also write in this blog. That’s all the public online presence I want to maintain. Oh well.