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Today: What food would you say is your specialty?

Daily writing prompt
What food would you say is your specialty?

I would say Guga Rub Steak and Truffle Mac and Cheese. Also oatmeal raisin cookies and banana cake. Caesar salad too, with dressing made from scratch. I don’t know if I love to cook but I know I love to eat! Who doesn’t haha.

Hmm. Might as well prepare them for my birthday!

Today is pretty chill. It’s RTO Mondays and thankfully I got parking yey!

I know I just babbled about getting a Dyson for my birthday but I’m currently contemplating it now that I’ve set my eyes on a bigger goal. A new car. Which I’m gonna share here because I figured this blog has been effective in curbing my appetite for material things like an overpriced vaccum and an unnecessary automobile upgrade. So here goes…

Source: https://toyota.com.ph/veloz

I know I wanted to get a Honda CR-V. For a while it was my dream car. And I think it still is. But for now a CR-V is too much for our needs. What I’m looking at right now is the Toyota Veloz. And I think I can save up for its top of the line version. Which is why I might hold back on getting a Dyson. So I can keep the 50k haha. After all, my 4-year old Dibea D18 is still working great. Plus it’s not like I can save on our monthly general cleaning expense by getting a new vaccum. They all work the same. Just a matter of preference for fanciness.

But a new car. My mom has been sublty suggesting we get a new car so we can give our goold ol’ Toyota Vios to them lol. And I want to, believe me. I want to give them a car cos their current car is already too old and cranky, we call it Lolo Wind. It’s a 2004 Isuzu Crosswind that’s currently on its last breath.

Hope my parents can get a new car though. My sister can very well afford one for them but she’s a tough nut when it comes to spending money. As much as possible she wouldn’t. Hope that changes though cos it’s also for her own good.

Anyway, back to the Veloz. I love everything about it except how it’s lowered. The backside I also don’t prefer much, but everything else I’m okay. I only really looked at the Honda BR-V to compare and I wanna go with the Veloz cos it has more bells and whistles. When it comes to cars I’m kinda loyal to Toyota, but still aspiring for a Honda because as they say, Honda is Honda. Though we can’t probably afford maintaining one lol.

Yeah that’s it pretty much as far as my ever changing wishlist is concerned.

So go blog, do your thing. We don’t need a new car do we? 😆