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Get a Frenchie they said, it will be fun they said

I feel like I’m in a state of paralysis at work. I have loads to do but don’t know where to start. I have a bunch of open items that aren’t moving and I feel like if I could just close at least one project I would gain some momentum with doing the others. But here we are…. hayy.

To be honest I’ve been pretty damned preoccupied recently. We got a French Bulldog and ever since it came life has never been the same. 

Meet Koomi! Born January 15, 2023, we took him in on April 18 when he was three months old. He’s five months in this photo.

His first few weeks with us were a nightmare. He came in sick, was in an out of confinement; apparently has coronavirus. He was pitiful but all I can think of was that he’s being a pain in the ass. He would poop and pee everywhere. Diarrhea levels that at one point was charcoal black. He would chew on everything he could get his teething mouth on, to the point where we’ll be awaken with him choking on chips of wood he’s munched from our bed post. We couldn’t focus on work because we have to watch him all the time. I was so tiring. And for the most part I was angry at the dog. He was just a puppy, I know. We wanted to give up but was never decided on it. Every day we try again. Every day I get bursts of anger. Every day I lose my sanity. I asked my friends for support and the consensus was IT GETS EASIER.

And damn they were right.

Eventually we got past the point of buyer’s remorse and entered the point of no return lol. Weeks passed and we see him recover, slowly regaining his energy, slowly warming up to us. We were getting to know each other, and we were slowly getting our sleep back. It was just a few weeks ago that we would dart up every fucking hour in the middle of the night at the sound of his gargling (which is really just him chewing his paws), or his heaving (which is usually followed by his puking), or his abnormally loud hiccups. The slightest off in scent would send us upright, waving a flashlight in search of a puddle or a mound. It was beyond exhausting. I’ve had several breakdowns.

What made it more frustrating was because he was sick, we couldn’t complete his vaccines and therefore couldn’t take him out, in turn locking us all in the house with nothing to do but to tolerate each other. It made me very anxious. 

But that was two months ago. As soon as he recovered and completed his shots, we were slowly able to take our lives back, more importantly our sleep. That’s when they say it will get better. I didn’t believe my friends, thought they were brainwashed lolol but here we are, two months later proving them right. I used to hate the term furmom or furparent but I’m mothering the heck out of our dog and would gladly take the label now. I’m a freaking furmom to this stubborn bundle of joy and I’m loving it.

I’ll make another post about what I’m learning raising a Frenchie, things I wish I knew before we got a dog. I’ll call it Frenchie Tips cos it’s punny haha stay tuned!