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… is quite a good day! I vacuumed, made some coffee and resolved to get back to doing 10-min ab workouts daily. About a month ago I finished a 36 day streak, which is 6 days over my goal of just 30 days straight! And then we went to Boracay and I forgot about it. I’m proud that I was able to stick to something that long. I even documented my progress, or lack thereof, to prove something. And if anything, I’ve proven that 10 mins daily is not enough to lose weight hahaha. I didn’t lose weight, didn’t tone up like I expected, heck I didn’t get abs. Of course 10 mins daily won’t cut it. I remained fat, although for what it’s worth, I didn’t gain weight so that’s a good thing! So yeah, I’m gonna continue with this just because it feels good to put some movement into my extremely sedentary life. Plus I really need to work on my core and basic mobilities cos I feel like my body is starting to rust, I can’t even pick up something on the floor without my back complaining.

Here’s to hoping for positive physical changes!