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When I got sick this week I was hopeful it’s just the common flu because I got all the symptoms, most specially vomiting which looks like a distinguishing one. But right now I’m almost sure I got Omicron because I just realized I’ve been having night sweats recently. I mean they don’t really happen at night but I’ve been randomly sweating a lot lately haha. Also this is the worst case of sore throat I’ve ever had and I didn’t even eat too much sweets. I heard Omicron likes to rest on the throat so maybe it’s what’s causing this much scratchiness and pain.

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Of course I wanna be wrong. We just got swabbed earlier and we’re hoping for the best.

I wasn’t able to get a good sleep last night cos it’s hard to breathe when my nose is clogged and every time I breathe through my mouth my throat stings. Argh. Plus I’m sleeping with my head on the other end of the bed so that Jeckie and I are sleeping with our faces as far apart as possible in our one bedroom situation. It’s hard, I couldn’t get my head positioned right, I kept tossing and turning and changing pillows until a headache joined along. Also, I was busy securing a same day swab test for the both of us so I was kinda anxious too. 

I’ve been marked covid suspect at work and therefore unfit to work for the duration of time I needed to rest (which depends on me). Thank God I don’t have anything pressing to attend to at work, and that my boss is very kind and supportive while I’m gone. I’m also being monitored by our company nurses and doctor through viber, just checking on my daily stats and general feeling.

Here at the condo I’ve notified our PMO about our state of isolation and I’m enjoying that they’ve been collecting our trash every day and dropping off our shopee and grabfood deliveries to our doorstep! Urgh, wish we could have this all the time – without being in isolation of course. Kulang na lang laundry and housekeeping and we’re golden! Hahaha

Yeah I guess that’s it for now. I’ve been tired the whole day. I cleaned a bit, worked a bit (despite being on sick leave), and now I have a headache. Whew. 

Praying for everyone’s healing. 🙏