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Recently: The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood and Verity by Coleen Hoover

I remember a time in my life when every time I finish a book I’m always excited to blog. Not about the book, but about my life, sometimes feeling the author’s style has rubbed on me that I’m suddenly in such a great mood to write, even about the smallest things. But that’s gone. I don’t think I’m that girl anymore, I have grown out of it, the urge to write crushed down by more pressing things. Like work.

But hey, let’s bring it back. I just recently finished two books and I didn’t hate them, which means you’re probably not gonna hear about it hahaha. If you noticed, I find it easier to complain about things I hate than to commend things that I love. Maybe hatred is something that converts easier into words? And love is something you usually wanna keep to yourself? Either way, I loved these two, so I have no words. But here I am…

So instead, let’s nitpick. 

But first, even though this should go without saying… SPOILER ALERT.

What do I hate about Ali Hazelwood’s The Love Hypothesis?

Ah, the fact that Olive thinks Adam is so tall and big when she herself is 5’8″. Idk maybe 6’4″ will always look huge to anyone looking.

Ahn’s doting is so unrealistic

How Olive didn’t realize that Tom had expressed interest in her project before rumors broke out about her and Adam, therefore contradicting every vile thing he said to her after the talk. I was waiting for her to somehow realize it but nah. Unless of course Tom knew of her way back because Adam has told his friends about an Olive Smith.

Next, what do I hate about Coleen Hoover’s Verity?

This is a highly rated, much recommended book on Kindle PH group, and based on people’s reactions I already prepared myself for a mind blowing ride. While it did not disappoint, I wasn’t too convinced about the ending.

I liked psycho Verity’s character. Her autobiography painting herself as a contemptuous mother, filled with dark and disturbing thoughts of killing her children and keeping her husband all for herself, what a horrifying read! It’s all too good that I can’t accept none of it is real haha (or not since the book was Open Ended [nice callback to Lowen’s book btw]).

I guess I kinda saw there was a twist in that manuscript, I just didn’t like how it was revealed. Everything was exposed in a letter hidden under the floorboards of her bed. A written explainer. What a bore. I was half hoping they’d discover the truth behind it from Amanda, who suggested the writing exercise herself. That way “antagonistic journaling” wouldn’t sound like a silly alibi. Oh well.

That’s it!

Since I’m nitpicking, you know it’s not a big deal right? I’m just looking for ways to be annoyed. I’m way past those points and would recommend this book to anyone who wants to end their reading slump and catch up on their GoodReads 2021 Reading Challenge. Thanks to CoHo I’m on track. I’m excited to read another one of hers!