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[Once in a lifetime promo] We stayed 24hrs at Victoria Court’s Princess Jasmine themed room. Is it worth it?


Lol I’m learning to make titles like a socmed manager haha. But don’t worry this isn’t clickbait hehe.

So. My husband and I claimed our Once in a lifetime voucher from Victoria Court last week and here’s a quick look of the thematic room we chose: Princess Jasmine!

This is the second themed room we tried with VC and as usual, it was a visual feast! Our first one was the Venice themed room which we tried earlier this year, check it out here!

Back to the Once in a lifetime promo, the voucher entitled us to a 24 hour stay at any room we want so of course we went for a thematic room haha.

Princess Jasmine room features:

  • King size bed
  • Magic carpet
  • Big smart TV (yeyy for Netflix and Amazon!)
  • Karaoke (1 microphone)
  • Twin jacuzzi
  • Couples massage area
  • Sauna room
  • Separate urinal
  • Shower room
  • Room service w/ limited menu

We really enjoyed this room. It’s smaller than the Venice room but it has more amenities. Interior design wise though I still prefer the Venice room. I was actually expecting the Princess Jasmine room to be more violet and gold themed ala Aladdin but it’s actually very warm and Moroccan, even Indian, inspired. It’s still beautiful though but I guess I’m just looking for more texture and ornaments like the Venice room. Oh well, we still have a lot of rooms to explore with Victoria Court hahaha!

We bought a bubble bath specifically for this staycation because we wanted to enjoy the jacuzzi. And yes we did! We bought Marks & Spencer’s lavender bath essence and my goodness it smells heavenly! I have now added it to my official bath favorites, on par with Neutrogena’s light sesame body oil. They smell so frkn amazing. First time namin mag-bubble bath sa jacuzzi so mejo napadami yung buhos ng bula hahahaha nakaka-panic kasi bigla na lang nag-umapaw yung bubbles hahaha.

Because it’s quarantine, restaurant room service is only until 10pm and with a limited menu. Massage service is not available as well. I’m not sure about housekeeping but they don’t seem to be up 24/7. And unlike before where you can walk-in whenever you like, now you have to book a reservation and check in at 2pm. But because we’re staying 24 hours, we requested to be allowed in as early 6am, good thing they agreed.

24 hours, are you crazy?

Yeah, the voucher can’t be split into multiple stays so there’s that. So is it worth staying 24 hours naman? To be honest, no. Victoria Court is not a hotel per se so therefore it doesn’t offer hotel like accommodation. Here’s what I didn’t like about our stay…

  • The blanket is very thin, hindi sya pang overnight. Pang cuddle lang yung nipis nya para mag-yakapan talaga kayo ng partner mo pero di sya cozy!
  • And when it got too cold I found that I can’t control the aircon kasi walang remote haha. I had to call maintenance to turn off 1 a/c for me hahaha. May switch naman pala yung isang aircon di ko lang napansin kasi…
  • It’s too dark. Alam mo yung the lights are sexy-time dim, not cozy dim. So di ko maaninag yung mga buttons sa aircon…
  • There’s no good place to lounge by the TV, we had to move the chairs by the dining area just to get proper seats kasi nag-marathon kami sa Amazon.
  • The magic carpet looks fun but it’s creaky and uncomfortable and the carpet looks very old. It’s really just a decorative feature. Same with Venice’s gondola. And I bet all of their thematic rooms have that one big beautiful prop that’s only good for eye candy and maybe a quickie hehe.
  • Extra towels cost extra hehe. 20 each sya. We had to request because they only provided 2 bath towels and we didn’t have floor rugs so ang kalat when we’re moving from the jacuzzi to the shower.
  • I had a hard time sleeping because it’s so noisy outside. We slept during the day by the way, so it worked that it’s very dark, but then I can hear the traffic outside. Di ako makatulog, plus yun nga nilamig ako ng bongga haha.
  • And when I did get some sleep and finally woke up, lutang ako sa paligid. With no windows and no natural light coming in I have lost all sense of time and it’s kindof disorienting. I don’t like the feeling!

Bat ka naman kasi nag-staycation sa motel?! Hahaha

Don’t be mistaken though because I’m not taking it against Victoria Court. I’m well aware their thematic rooms aren’t meant for overnight stays. I guess the magic just wears off over time. After 5 hours you start experiencing things like what I mentioned above. Then you start noticing some details like may mga maduming corners pala tapos mapapansin mo mejo hindi na pala maintained yung interior hahaha. Tapos yung karaoke songbook kalat kalat yung pages?! It didn’t really matter to me kasi pag may karaoke I always check the brand tapos download ako ng app nila so I can search for songs numbers on my phone instead. That’s a life hack! Hahaha

Anyway we had so much fun, of course, *wink*. We also came here for the food because Victoria Bites offers a really delicious menu, and they did not disappoint kahit na naka pang-takeaway ang packaging at plastic ang utensils haha! And even though they reduced the options this time, the important thing is may Legendary Crispy Pata parin! Yung sinigang na baboy nila ang sarap din!!!

Okay that’s all! Til next time!