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Looking around EaTogether Food Hall by Vikings at Capitol Commons

Chanced upon this newly opened food court one weekend while doing the laundry hehe

Disclaimer, I just looked around and didn’t buy anything cos Jeckie and I already decided we’d eat at Coco Ichibanya that day.
Here’s what to see at the newly opened EaTogether Food Hall at Capitol Commons.

Super nice and well designed interiors, lots of dining space, and also an outdoor area for smoking.

Based from what I read from other bloggers (who were lucky to be invited to a press opening lol), transactions here are CASHLESS. You either pay through debit or credit card, or use the reloadable Vikings Rewards Card. Hmm… for now I can’t say if that’s a good feature or not.
There’s a variety for you to choose from. There’s Shabu-shabu, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian…

There’s chicken and steak…
And a drinks station with cocktails, beer, juices, and bottled products.

There’s even a small nook for live performances. Cool!
Will definitely try this place out next time! What do you think about this place and how do feel about the cashless transaction?
ETA after a week: We did come back to this place to eat but upon circling the place twice nothing seems to catch our attention. Not to be nega about the food hall but there’s seems to be not a lot of food offerings. There’s only around 10 stalls inside. Food is generic and price tag is a bit hefty. You’d have to spend 250/head for a single meal in here. The stalls have a Mercato feel to them, alam mo yun, unfamiliar but interesting. But the price tag would shoo you away talaga haha.
EaTogether Food Hall is located at the 2nd floor of Unimart Capitol Commons
Operating hours: 11am-3pm and 5pm-11pm (is Unimart even open until 11pm?)