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Blogging on Sundays just doesn’t work for me anymore as I’m mostly out with family. The only time I get to blog is when it’s down time in the office, which you know, happens quite a lot lol. So I’m sure to always have time hahaha, thing is, when it’s kinda lax at the office, what am I gonna blog about? Hehe

I haven’t gotten time to make reviews too. I guess I have a couple pending in my drafts but I don’t think they’ll be up, ever lol. I gave up reviewing beauty products because I gathered it isn’t too helpful reading someone’s opinion on makeup, you need to have a face to show for it too, and I’m not quite ready exposing my bloody face to the world. I’m also done reviewing restaurants after realizing I suck at being a food critic. Everything either tastes good or bad to me and I can probably say I like this resto better or not. But to expound more on the matter?
Which is probably why blogging, in its written form, has died. People have moved to other, more suitable platforms that don’t require them to write paragraphs to express approval or distaste over something. Where visual content is the main product and captions don’t need to relate to it. Urgh.

It’s cool though, suddenly the blogosphere is back to its original form. A small community of those who like to overshare through writing.

ANYWAY. Before this turns into a bitter account of how “influencers” have littered the blogosphere with bad captions and unacceptable grammar…

Sophie Kinsella’s I’ve Got Your Number
Funny, so far! And I’m enjoying my new PDF reader, Foxit, because it integrates with Google Drive where all my ebooks are stored. Couple that with reflow, night mode, and customizeable themes and I don’t think I’m getting a Kindle anytime soon!

Uhh, this

To the loud hum of the fans in the server cage

About my parent’s anniversary celebration! I booked a one-bedroom suite at Kasa Luntian Tagaytay, after failing to find suitable accommodations at Nurture Wellness and Narra Hill. I guess it’s about as much “nature” as I can get given the 2 weeks notice. Tagaytay is just so frkn booked. I’m quite hesitant about Kasa Luntian actually, mainly because it just looks like our current condo with the way the pools and outdoor amenities are designed. But oh well, it’s probably much better than Citiland, Serin, or Wind lol.


I had so much money right now. Don’t we all.

Alternating between Youtube vlogs and Netflix’s Instant Hotel Season 2

That I was able to salvage this bridesmaids dress I’m gonna use for my friend’s wedding in 4 weeks. It’s a mint green chiffon infinity dress that’s not very flattering because of its super short wrap.

There’s not much cloth you can use to style it with so unless you’re okay with plain strapless or awkward halters, it’s gotta be improved.

It’s also very flimsy. First time I tried it on, the zipper broke. Next time, the corset boning shot through the fabric. Argh. I had the zipper repaired, managed to hide the boning, then I bought a long-ass fabric in a similar color and tried to make a shawl from it.

Now I’m okay with it!

I used the super long shawl as a wrap-around and did an off-shoulder style. Yey.

To do something worthwhile.

To save more moneyyy.

Excited to go home! Look at the time!