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I missed to write daily accounts of what’s up this week so I’m just gonna share what’s happening to me so far. Errr…
Wala naman hahaha. Nothing interesting. I finally got a desk for our room, something I’ve been wanting to buy for months but can’t ‘cos it was out of stock for a while lol. Spotted it at Landmark this weekend, and finally took it home.

Can I just say. This table is rare. Nobody makes tables that are 90cm long. Like what heck right? Desks are either 80, 100 or 120cm long. But well, this little corner in our room is exactly 93cm wide so an 80cm table would look awkward. So yeyyy for finally getting the perfect sized desk!

It actually opens up to a dining table too. The tabletop is folded and there’s a swivel mechanism underneath that allows it to transform. Cool. Didn’t need that feature though but could be useful someday! 😀

Next project, a headboard! So I can read on the bed lol

Monday was a holiday in light of the elections. Didn’t vote. I’ve never voted actually. Whatever love I have for this country is easily trumped by life’s smallest inconveniences. Too far, too hot, no parking, voter’s reg is a hassle (hope there’s an online portal for this), I could generate a hundred excuses just to avoid participating in the elections. I call it privilege. I’d rather chill at home than exercise my right to suffer suffrage. Our ballots are only going to get sabotaged anyway. And they did, right? Doesn’t mean I don’t get to have opinions on matters of state though. I didn’t research enough to bet on anyone, I thought I liked some candidates from Otso Diretso but when I answered a quiz about key issues that mattered to me, none of them was a match. Hmm…

Anyway. Let’s leave it.