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Ah, life

Currently slaving on a project I should’ve finished last month. I kept procrastinating on this because I knew I’d be able to stumble on a more elegant solution to my dev enquiries. And I did! I’m done with the code and I’m doing some testing and validation before moving to UAT. I’m glad I tested this out (well, that’s a must) ‘cos I was able to fish out a logical error in my workflow which resulted to my partial deliverable being inaccurate. What a shame!

Earlier this evening I had a health risk assessment from our clinic. As usual, yet another validation of why I feel awful everyday. I’m overweight. Obese 1 in fact. And just so I’d remember, here are my stats:

Current body weight: 69 kg (152 lbs)
Ideally: 45-55 kg (100-121 lbs)
BMI: 28
Body fat %: 37.9% (acceptable is 25-32%)
Body age: 47 (I’m frkn 28)
Visceral fat: 8.5 (normal)

Yeah so the only normal reading I have is my visceral fat and pulse rate lol. Can’t be too happy. I definitely gained so much weight over the past few weeks. I blame rice. Don’t we all. I’d like my weight to be down to 140 lbs first, that’s enough to fit in some of my old clothes. I think even the upper range of my ideal weight is ridiculously thin for my height. But of course, thin is normal. At least healthy normal.

Oh well.