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Let’s tour! Staycation at Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas

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Spent the holidays at Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas for the first time and what can I say, I was truly impressed! I didn’t think so highly of this establishment because the hotel sits tight inside a CBD and barely has any perimeter clearance for any outdoor amenities. I’m kindof partial to 5-star hotels with spacious outdoors like Sofitel or EDSA Shang but yeah I’m starting to look deeper than the facade and really look at the overall service and value of each booking hahaha!
So without further adieu, let’s tour you!


Ground floor lobby
Marco Polo is actually part office space and part hotel so the ground floor lobby isn’t the actual hotel lobby.

Reception counter
The real hotel lobby sits on the 24th floor. And it’s gorgeous.

It’s wide and spacious and the lighting is so beautiful specially in the morning. It’s peak season during the time we checked in so the lobby is full of people in the morning.

Rare time I caught the lobby space empty. It’s the wee hours of the night after all.

The earth tones remind me of Seda Vertis North hehe.

Premiere room

We booked a Premiere room with a king sized bed via Agoda. The room description says it’s 51sqm but I managed my expectations. It can’t be that big.

Boy was I wrong. It’s hella big for a hotel room. It’s so darned spacious I can’t even! Just look at my Sofitel shots, I had to squeeze myself in a corner to get a decent shot of the room. You could see from where I stand how big the room is. I LOVE ITTTTT.

What the heck, this room is even bigger than our house. We got a room at the 36th floor. Guest rooms start at 27th floor I think? So obviously everybody gets a high floor. View from here isn’t that great though, we’re surrounded by taller buildings so I can’t really appreciate the height haha.
Here’s one side with the TV and desk. One of the drawers houses a safety vault.
All sockets are universal and there’s also a USB port and and HDMI to TV port (which doesn’t work). There’s a total of three phones in the room. On the desk, on the bedside, and in the toilet.
Here’s another side of the room with a small lounge and the minibar section.

Moving on! As usual, there’s complimentary tea and coffee. But not just any coffee,
Freakin Nespresso man! The coffee capsules are complimentary as well. It’s my first time to try this and I’m pretty amazed at the technology. It’s cool, but I prefer the good old brewed coffee haha.
The closet area is super spacious, as you can see, they’re quite generous with hangers lol.

There’s an iron and ironing board, laundry bag, and slippers. The usual. I love how there’s a lot of storage space for you to really hide your things in sight. I hate it when we stay in hotels and all our things are scattered on the tables and chairs. It doesn’t make for a relaxing stay when you feel so at home, alam mo yun?! Hahaha
Let’s go to the bathroom!
We’ve got two sinks, a bathtub, and a really good shower space. Water heats fast and the pressure is good.
Toilet is enclosed too. Noice.
As usual, we have the basic toiletries. Dental kits, cotton buds, shower caps, sanitary bags, body lotion, and sewing kit.
Let’s also not miss the hair dryer, which is mounted in its own drawer. Cool.
Shower essentials are brought to you by Trussardi. Never heard, sounds posh, fragrance pallette smells a bit too masculine for my taste lol.

Pool and gym

The pool and gym is situated on the 22nd floor. Being that there’s no outdoor space in this hotel, the indoor pool is kindof expected. Althouuuughhhh, I didn’t expect it to be this nice! It’s super no frills straight rectangular infinity lap pool with an amazing view. It doesn’t look like it has some fun areas for kids? I’m sure there are shallow areas but I never got to swim hehe.
The gym is also super spacious. I can imagine running on that treadmill with a view of the CBD. Lovely.
Now let’s take a peek into the changing areas.

Lockers over here.

Very elegant vanity counter on this side.

Equally impressive line of sinks. It’s getting hard describing hotel amenities lol.

That’s pretty much it for this pic spam! Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas is now definitely one of my favorite hotels. It’s centrally located and you won’t starve lol. There’s Jollibee beside it and Metrowalk across, plus a whole array of restaurants just around the block. The overall feel of Marco Polo is serious and luxurious. Like it’s for one of those snob bachelor businessmen wanting to take a break and enjoy being alone. Anuraw?

If you’re curious about the breakfast buffet at Cucina, I have another post for that. 
Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas is located at
Meralco Avenue and Sapphire Street
Ortigas Centre, Brgy. San Antonio, 
Pasig, Metro Manila