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I don’t know what’s taking them so long to send me my rejection letter. The more they delay it, the more hopeful I get so you know why not just whack my dreams dead on time right? We have this group chat on Telegram where people have shared their application status, and almost all of them got their results already. I only know of one person besides myself who hasn’t received an update yet, but his case was different because he was explicitly told to wait 2 more weeks for feedback. Uhmm.

So where does that put me in this nerve wracking journey?

Today is supposed to be the deadline of sending out results but I haven’t got anyyyy so I don’t know where I stand. My cell was dead the first week they started calling successful applicants but I knew they’d reach out through email if they attempted to call but failed so I didn’t bother so much about it. But dang, 2nd round of calls and my cell, which already has signal at this point, has not picked up that elusive call from Unknown Number, the bearer of exciting news. 
I’m starting to think they forgot about me totally lol. That or they’re still deliberating where to put me, with my mishmash of skills ranging from C grade Web Development to F grade Performance Testing. After my terribly disappointing technical assessment, I don’t even know what to highlight in my resume now lol.
Anyway. I’m not supposed to stress about this because I’m not even officially in the market for a new job. But weeeeell, I’m getting anxious too. Haha
Hoping for the best but setting my expectations low. Worst case is I get rejected and I get to keep a job I love and be with people I enjoy working with for the months to come. 
How bad is that huh.