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The week that was


Last week in numbers: Spent ₱1,964.80 and slept an average of 6 hours and 15 minutes arggh
And the highlight? I overcame the NO LATE NOVEMBER Challenge! Yeyyy

Monday (Nov 26)

☽  Slept 7hrs 7mins
★ In at 3:42PM
✧ Spent ₱1,164.80

Our landlord is coming to visit tomorrow so I cleaned the house today. I swept the floor, vacuumed and mopped it clean. Then I cooked our baon and watched What’s wrong with Secretary Kim after. It’s so fulfilling having the house clean, at least the floor!

While resting, I looked online for oil diffusers and aromatherapy things. I’m considering getting a small one, preferably rechargeable so I don’t need to hook it to an outlet all the time. I’m pretty excited to explore nice scents. I want something that smells like the spaaaaa, or a hotel,  maybe lavender, peppermint or lemongrass I’m not sure lol.

While browsing I came across the famous Young Living Essential Oils that I’ve been hearing a lot from my groups and damn it’s freaking ₱8,500 for a starter kit! I think it’s a networking thing? I’m curious about how potent their oils are!

In the meantime I’ll go get a cheap one from Shopee.

Tuesday (Nov 27)

☽  Slept 4hrs 55mins
★ In at 3:38PM
✧ Spent ₱260

Okay, a lot of things are going on in the office right now. I’m working on a new RPA task, we had an RPA demo earlier, we’re setting up for an engagement activity tomorrow (ie. need to design some paraphernalia), and we’re scheduled for another RPA demo with our Director so we got to plan for our presentation.

Aaaaand I have 5 freaking pending articles to write, 2 of which require a thousand words each (Lord have mercy). My team lead (I don’t really know what to call her but she’s the one who gives me writing tasks) sent a group message saying they’re hiring more writers because the demand is growing and a lot of their current writers are submitting late and/or low quality articles. She added that if this continues some of us might get removed from the team or get less tasks. Judging from the frequency at which I receive tasks, I’d like to think I’m still on the safe side. ALTHOUGH, I do admit to submitting very late sometimes. Argh.

How do I deal with this? I like everything I’m doing but I want to have enough time to focus on them.

Wednesday (Nov 28)

☽  Slept 6hrs 23mins
★ In at 3:48PM
✧ Spent ₱270

Still on the run for No Late November! I just finished writing a one thousand word article about epilators and waxing. I’m so freaking tired. I forgot to put down the frozen meat last night so I wasn’t able to cook meat when I got home! Aaaargh. Okay time to sleep!

Thursday (Nov 29)

☽  Slept 6hrs 37mins
★ In at 3:50PM
✧ Spent ₱260

We were supposed to have an important meeting today but it got cancelled. Not sure if I should be happy about it, ‘cos I sure wanted to get over and done with it as soon as possible.

Friday (Nov 30)

It’s a holiday so I’m not taking tabs today! This also means that I completed the NO LATE NOVEMBER CHALLENGE! Huwowww. Pushing for the next month!