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Friday’s 10 Happy Things // 5


Hey goys, here I am squeezing my brain for happy things, let’s go!

1. I loved the sermon last Sunday, actually no, I uhm, needed it. Worship is for God. It’s all about Him. He is the audience, and we are the performers.
2. It’s swelday today yeheeeeyy
3. Sierra Burgess is a Big Loser is out today. Excited to watch it.
4. Also excited to continue episode two of Designated Survivor.
5. I uhm, designed something quickly for the boss today. Aaaand I learned how to warp text! Finally? What kind of designer am I! Apparently I’ve been doing things the hard way, typing on a circular path instead of hitting the Text Warp tool. Thanks boss for the Photoshop tip!

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6. I finally ordered a dashcam. I got a Xiaomi Yi from Shopee for ₱1709 only because of the sale, free shipping voucher, and credit card discount hehe. Hopefully I can manage to install it properly without damaging my car lol, I just want the wires hidden properly help me Lord.
7. Was able to request a cashout for my below-threshold Nuffnang earnings (because they’re closing down operations already)! Looking forward to it… the cashout I mean. I’m sad about Nuffnang closing down, I’ve a lengthy draft about it. 🙁
8. Also, got a PR posting request from Nuffnang too. Prolly the last I’m getting from them, but yey for the extra money.
9. Grocery tomorrow! I wish I could convince my husband that grocery shopping is fun 🙁
10. Costa iced mocha is delicious! I’m kindof building an iced mocha preference and so far from all the coffee shops I’ve tried, Nitro 7’s still tops. Next comes Costa!
Happy weekend people! Excited for the next two weeks! 😀