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Wedding photographer review: Dave Sarabia Photography


Another super late review, but better late than later right?

I don’t remember how I found Dave, but I think it was during the time I was pooling content for this post: 10 Wedding photographers for that bright and natural look.

We booked Dave two months before the wedding. Odiba, hindi kami nagmamadali haha. Swerte namin because both our prenup and wedding date are still free on his calendar. We really didn’t think we could get a photographer of his level to cover for us in such a short notice, so thank you Lord! Our prenup fell on a Monday, and on a Holiday pa so I wasn’t expecting his availability. But thank God he’s vacant! Yehey!
Dave and his team were perfect. They were right when they said you have to really invest on your photo and video team. He’s the reason our wedding looked more expensive. Like 50% more expensive wahahaha. Seriously.

I have no complaints about Dave. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a very skilled and professional wedding photographer. Unlike other couples who like to meet beforehand and get to know their suppliers first before signing the deal, we skipped that formality and just made sure to get a credible one who wouldn’t bail on us hahaha.

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Our prenup location was supposed to be at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, but Dave (or Darlene, I don’t know who’s answering their facebook eh hahaha) suggested against it and offered to give alternative locations within Manila that we may want to consider. Gasgas ka kasi masyado si Wildlife, uninspiring na daw, and they want to give us fresh photos. Naks. That kind of input talaga I really appreciate. That’s professional advice goys! So in the end, hindi kami natuloy sa Wildlife. Nag FEU Diliman kami, kasi libre hahaha.

Anyway. The first time we met him was during our prenup na. He came with this wife, Darlene, who’s also a photographer, and we did the shoot at our college campus. In fair, they were the first ones to arrive on the location, and partida bumabagyo pa non guys.

It was so nice working with them. Hindi awkward, and they would direct us with the poses which I appreciate very much because we suck as models and we’re professional tuods. It’s worth noting too that Dave was always smiling and super nice and friendly with us. He didn’t mind the heat, pawis, putik, and lagkit all around. We were so tired after the shoot but it was worth it because I knew he really worked hard to look for the best spots for us. Kahit umuulan pa.

With that I believe we were able to get the most out of our prenup and wedding locations. No important detail was missed and it’s always a delight looking at his edited photos. They’re all very warm, natural, and elegant. 🙂

The package we got was You Complete Me, it was ₱47k that time. It includes:

  • Prenup session + Wedding coverage
  • Prenup AVP
  • Onsite Photo AVP
  • SDE film by God’s Grace Productions
  • Raw and edited photos and videos (we provided the hard disk)
  • Custom USB (which I never followed up, nakalimutan ko na haha)

Well, they completed our wedding talaga. We were able to get all our raw and edited photos and videos after around 4 weeks. We sent him a hard disk (via GrabExpress) and he sent it back within a few days. No hassle whatsoever, just make sure to have more than 100GB of free space on your hard disk.

I full on recommend them for your wedding.


Dave Sarabia Photography