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[Review] Ahmad Brothers Cafe at Labsan/Yandoc St., Baguio City

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Ahmad Brothers Cafe is one of the restaurants my husband and I tried on our short vacation at Baguio.
We had a hard time looking for this place, but it was well worth it. From our place at Megatower Residences, we decided to walk all the way to their location at Legarda road, after all Google Maps said it’s just a 20min walk. But wth, we got lost and pissed off at the throng of people flocked over at Session Rd. (read: Panagbenga Festival). Eventually we just hailed a cab and got dropped off around Giligan’s. According to Google Maps, it should be at the same building, if not beside it.
It wasn’t there. 

Imbyerna. We asked around, and finally one of the guards said Ahmad has moved to a new location. He told us it was walking distance. So we walked. But not before calling the establishment to confirm their existence. Thank God for Google (the same Google who led us to a wrong location), I was connected to one of their staff who texted us about their actual location. It’s only 450m away from their old spot. Great!
And so we walked. As of writing, their current address is at Labsan St. cor Yandoc St, Baguio City. You can always confirm at their mobile number 0908-740-7284 or their landline number (074)-244-7292.
We found Ahmad Brothers Cafe tucked at the lower levels of Hotel Caterina. At this point in my Indian food loving life, I learned not to care about restaurant interiors. As you can see, nothing fancy here, but it’s a big enough eatery offering Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. 

We saw a couple of Arab looking kids ordering a plate of what looked like chicken tandoori with rice. And you know the drill, if you see foreign people eating their local food in a foreign country, the place must be legit.
And so we ordered the usual.
Vegetable samosa – ₱65
I super love this! It’s a different kind of samosa, the wrap is made of something like lumpia wrapper, and the dip isn’t the usual tamarind and mint-chutney. It’s garlic sauce haha.

Chili Pakora – ₱80
Another great item from their menu. The chilis look super payat but I assure you they taste perfect, specially with their cheese dip. Jusko and ₱80 lang syaaaa. (for comparison, Chili Pakoras at Naan cost 150).

Chicken Masala – ₱240

Aaand our main dish. I know it looks like Adobo, the sauce is brown and there are large potato chunks too. It looks so far from the Masala we know. But the taste? AMAZING. Walang kwenta tong food blog na to, basta masarap – amazing yan. Try nyo na lang. The sauce isn’t that thick but the flavors are all there. The spices really get to you. I love it.

We also ordered Sweet Lassi (₱70) and it was, again, amazing. I can’t believe we’re drinking super cheap Lassi that’s also super good. Huhuhu. Goes to show that food in the metro is ridiculously overpriced. And their beef shawarma? ₱70 lang diiiin!

We tried to order Naan bread but didn’t have any, they served us with pita bread instead, the one they use for shawarma. Okay lang naman hahaha.

Our bill went just a little over ₱600. Not baaaaad for two Indian food gluttons!

Location and contact
Address: #1, Yandoc st. corner Naguilian rd. Baguio City, Philippines (basement of Hotel Caterina, just beside Justice Hall)

If you’re navigating via maps/waze, use the one pinned at Labsan st.

Operating hours: 9am to 9pm (Mon – Sat) and 11am to 9pm (Sun)
Contact number: (074)-244-7292