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Late update: Biglaang Baguio Trip!


Late update! Some three weeks ago, hubby and I decided to go to Baguio on a whim. By that I mean we booked an Airbnb 14hrs before our estimated arrival, and bet on slim chances that we’ll get bus tickets for a 6am trip the following morning, which we didn’t. The terminal was packed with so many people and there were so many chance passengers like us waiting for available slots. We failed to leave early but thank God we were able to secure tickets for the 9am trip. The entire ride took around 6 hours with 1 stop over. We rode a regular a/c bus with Victory Liner and I’m not doing it again haha. It was okay but I’m too fat for my seat and I couldn’t sleep properly because of the noise (TV, people). Reason why we took the first class bus on our way back. Bigger seats, less people, and no stop overs.

To justify our biglaang lakad, aka biglaang gastos, we said it’s to celebrate his birthday and his finally getting a new job. So there. We got an Airbnb at Megatowers and spent two nights “exploring” Baguio. We didn’t really do much. We happened to arrive before Panagbenga festival ended so Session road was still closed and infuriatingly impassable due to the thick crowd. Traffic was terrible and the crowd is intolerable. I personally would rather hole up in our bed. But that’s not the point of going to Baguio right? And besides, our room is super basic. The TV is too small, the wifi is slow, and they forgot to give us a remote control so there’s essentially nothing fun to do in our unit. Add to the fact that we’re at the basement so signal sucks and the room feels stuffy. I did drop a positive review at Airbnb in light of it being a good value for money, but yeah, could’ve gotten a better place.
Anyway. We ate at 50’s Diner and Ahmad Brothers, looked around Mines View Park, bought pasalubong from Good Shepherd, and finally tried strawberry taho (love it! but I still prefer the classic). We had fun, overall hahaha. And that’s about everything we did on our 2 nights there lol.

I have memories of being to Baguio but I don’t remember enjoying it. I just remember it being too cold haha.

For sure I’m going back! I’d be riding Genesis Joybus to and from, and will get an Airbnb at Outlook Ridge or book a hotel room at Azalea Residences hahaha. I just realized, being an asocial homebuddy, I’m not too big on outdoor itineraries. If I do travel, I want to make sure I’m getting a big airconditioned room with fast wifi, cabled TV, and a nice view. I’m too much of a city girl I’d rather admire nature from afar.

While I just confirmed for myself that spontaneous trips like this is not really my thing, it did help that I was with my husband and we’re both in a come-what-may mood. Anything goes, good or bad, as long as we don’t die or lose our pocket money. It was a good celebration, and I thank God for allowing us to experience it all.

I can finally stop nagging him to get a job hehe. And I on the other hand, can stop blaming him whenever I get tired from my sidelines because 1) it was never his fault, it just feels unfair when I see him at home doing nothing while I cram article after article to meet deadlines, and 2) it’s really my personal choice to stress myself out – on everything.

So yeah, following this post I plan to make separate entries for our Airbnb home, 50’s Diner, Ahmad Brothers, Pik a Pot, and Victory Liner’s first class bus. 🙂