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5 Ways to Finally Break Your Alcohol Addiction

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When you hear the word alcohol, you might think about ‘good time’, ‘friends’, and ‘party’. Well, alcohol is not really a terrible thing, it’s just how most people take it. The real problem is, alcohol is the main culprit why people are losing self-control. A lot of road accidents are triggered by drivers who are influenced by alcohol. If you think that you are one of those people who are addicted to alcohol, and want to break free from it, you’ve come to the right place.
Before I proceed to explaining how you can control your drinking, you need to know why you need to get motivated to start doing it.

  • If you are bearing a child, you can prevent damage to your baby in your womb when you stop drinking. Alcohol is the worse enemy of that little thing inside your womb. 
  • It can prevent further damage to your health. According to study, as many people know it, alcohol is the main culprit of liver damage. You don’t want to spend the rest of your lives visiting a doctor, do you? 
  • It prevents family problem and other relationship concerns. Why is it so? Once you are influenced by alcohol, you are usually out of control of your emotions, especially your anger. We hear lots of quarrel from our neighbors, and the most probably reason is that the one is under the influence of alcohol. 
  • You can prevent from acquiring legal problems due to drinking alcohol. How do alcohol drinking damage your reputation? For example, let’s say you came from a party, and drank just few shots. You drive your way back home, and you bump into a man who suddenly cross the road. Even though the problem is not with you, you will be the one to be blamed especially if you are positive in alcohol test. 
  • You can become more productive to you work if you control your drinking. Drinking alcohol is also time consuming. Yes, it is true that you also need to have an enjoyable time, but there is appointed time for everything, and being too addicted to alcohol is truly waste of time.
How can you break your alcohol addiction?

1. Know the cause. 
Some people choose alcohol to divert attention from the problem they are experiencing. According to psychologist, most of alcohol addicts have family problem backgrounds, environment influence, and peer pressure. Are you undergoing with such circumstances? You must self-analyze to know the main cause of your actions, so that you are aware of what to avoid and how to do it.

2. Decide of what you must do.
In other words, you should make plans before it gets too late and you become slave of alcohol. But if you think that you are already indulged in alcohol addiction, you should make a move. Do your plans moderately, and not in an instant.

You must be realistic with your plans. The more unrealistic it seems, the more you’ll find it hard to achieve. If you have alcohol addiction for quite long time, you have to reduce your alcohol intake little by little.

For you to achieve the goal of breaking alcohol addiction, you must put your date of when you should achieve it. Write it down in the paper or sticky note, then stick it to the wall or refrigerator where you can easily see it. Let’s say you have three months to achieve it. In the first week of achieving your goal, you can try to control your drinking into 3 times a week. Then, minimize again for another week until you finally get rid of alcohol.

3.Share you plans with others.
Tell it to the people that mostly care about you – your family. Inform that you are planning to break from alcohol addiction, and they can help you to monitor and encourage you from time to time when you seem keeping out the pace of your plans.

4. Do not get downhearted by your relapse. 
There are times that you get relapsed with your plans of not drinking. But do not give up! Just because you failed for certain time, you’ll stop trying. Repeat again and continue the progress you are making.

5. Divert your attention.
You don’t need to drink alcohol just to have a good time. You can enjoy, even without it. Instead of focusing your mind with the alcohol, why don’t you spend the time with your friends, family, and kids? There are lots of things to do than drinking. Doing outdoor activities can help you to divert your attention and make you feel that drinking isn’t the only way to have fun.

Think of the good reasons why you need to stop your alcohol addiction. Get motivated, and visit a doctor if necessary. Do not give up, and all your sacrifices will reap its fruits.