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Life lately and tamad na tamad na ko ano baaaaa

// I’ve been feeling sick for weeks. Reason why I’m not in the mood to do anything lately. I was supposed to go to the city hall for my NBI clearance but had to delay ‘cos my bed kinda hostaged me today. That and I was wheezing like crazy too.
// My sister and I finished doing my DIY kraft envelopes this weekend. IT WAS SO FUN. You know, smelling paper, cutting, folding, piling, AAAAARGH. I’m not really that crafty but I’m having fun doing simple tasks like this kahit paulit ulit. It’s satisfying, the feeling of mastery. Our backs hurt a lot after that ‘cos we were hunched on the floor the entire time but okay lang ang saya parin. Also doubles as bonding time with my sister too. I try not to think about it but I feel sad every time I think that in two months, we’ll be seeing less of each other na. Aargh. Even my parents. My mom gets emotional whenever I talk about how Jeckie and I are looking for a place to live in after the wedding. It gets me too huhu. ๐Ÿ™
// I thought transitioning out of my current job is gonna be easy peasy. HINDI PALA. Jusko all the documentation I have to turn over. 
// Despite feeling a bit sick, I feel like things are turning out good. Jeckie just started in his new job today! I’m not getting a lot of writing assignments lately but alam mo yung bigla na lang may darating na pera? I had to borrow the money I set aside for the car’s amortization to pay for my credit card, so sabi ko Loooord help, I’m broke! In the next days I got a message from one of my recent clients, saying — she would like to buy one of the first revisions I did for her logo ‘cos she felt it embodies her company more. Ako naman, suuuuuure. But deep inside I was racking my mind if I already deleted that file ‘cos that was like an ancient revision. I made seven variations for her and it’s funny we’re going back to the very first logo din pala. HAHA. Anyway, the point is ANSWERED PRAYER WOOOH THANK YOU LOOOORD!
// Wedding wise. Uhm. We changed photographers HAHAHA. And hired a prenup stylist too. Yey. Looking forward to it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yun muna!