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To be honest I’m feeling kindof down lately. But it will pass. I’ll stop sharing about our wedding planning for now ‘cos I feel like it’s being jinxed the more I talk about it. Something unexpected came and now Jeckie and I are scrambling to get new jobs. Can you believe it, right in the middle of saving for our big day. So yeah, will bottle it in ’til it’s over then dump all the reviews when I’m officially a Mrs. I’m just thinking sayang cos I just learned that wedding related keywords are frkn evergreen. Hahaha
On the plus side, I’ve earned around $200 doing freelance work last month. It’s tiring, writing about pool accessories, home repair, and frigging drones, but I’m learning yeah. It’s just that sometimes I wish I had more passive income, so I don’t have to toil every time I needed extra money. It’s like yeah I may be skilled in a couple of things, but it won’t translate into money if I don’t work extra, which sucks.

Anyway. I’m just so tired. For an unseasoned (just haha ok) writer like me an article a day is quite a stretch. I can’t believe I pulled it off though. I’m still so exhausted from all the thinking and researching, but here I am wondering if I could get some more assignments ‘cos I need more paypal funds to pay for my bridesmaids dresses hahaha.

Hay Lord. I just need some good news.