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Divi Day

I told myself I’m not going to buy anything, but ended up getting a bridal bouquet and two floral crowns. The agenda is to look for gowns and check out artificial flower shops, that’s all. While I’m already sold on the idea of getting fake flowers for my whole entourage, including myself, my mom always gives me a disapproving look whenever I mention it. I already told her that it’s tons cheaper, looks better, and counts as another gift to my ento, a pretty home decor that won’t rot! But she doesn’t understand because fresh is fresh daw. I have a feeling she just wants to impress the guests because she has an image to uphold, but well, we have a budget to stick to. It’s frustrating. 🙁

All of my gown hunts have proven to be disappointing. I have to be at least 130lbs to get a chance at scoring decent RTW gowns. Otherwise I’m running short of time to get a custom-made one. Also, we really don’t have the budget for it.

Queensland vs Hizon’s

I’m well aware they’re not on the same level, Hizon’s being a hundred steps over Queensland in terms of everything (except styling), but Queensland’s rates remain to be “competitive” as far as budget is concerned. However, their customer relations is damn disappointing, so it’s hard to let Hizon’s go entirely even though that spells a 30k difference.

Malas lang ata ako sa agent.

Hizon’s Catering Food Tasting Experience
Queensland Catering Food Tasting Experience

Writing Scam

I signed up for a writing opportunity over at a Facebook group, and eventually agreed to write for $8 per 500-word article given it’s a long-running engagement. Where is my self-worth? I submitted a test article about antiviruses and is awaiting feedback (and payment), but it’s been 5 days and I haven’t heard anything from the damned guy. The doc I submitted has been checked and edited already (says the history panel), so I don’t know what’s the fuss about not even acknowledging receipt.
Did I just get scammed? I know I’m not one to bother ‘cos I could simply publish my own article in my own site and to heck with the customer he sold my article to. I don’t care about getting duplicate warnings either, I can very well prove I own the writing. But does it really matter? How will it affect my site? Grr

Bad mood

My mood has not bettered ever since my last call with Queensland. I’m sensitive like that and will always be bothered with unresolved things. Which is why I don’t wanna deal with them anymore and even possibly get a refund since they didn’t stick to the price we discussed during our food tasting. I feel like I’ve lost all faith with them just because of how inconsistent and unaccommodating their agents are. I didn’t want to entrust anything to them at all. I’m afraid with all the bad impressions I have about them, which I have publicly expressed to my blog, they would get back at me by sabotaging my wedding. The horror. They’re a major supplier too so I can’t let them stress me out. And they are, so I’m hating on them a lot. I don’t think I could ever talk nicely to anyone from there, honestly.

The Girl with all the Gifts

Still struggling to finish it but I must say I’ve come to the interesting part of the book, which is their escape to Beacon – a safe place away from all the zombies (or hungries, as they call it).

Althea Korea

Someone stop me for ordering again! They have BUY3FREE1 promo that’s ending in a day and I really really want to order some more products to complete my skincare regimen! Mind you, this BUY3FREE1 promo is not what you think it is. I thought it meant if I buy 2 of the same product, I’ll get another one for free, but nooo. It means if I order any 4 products, I’ll get the cheapest one from my cart FOR FREE.

You have to try it!