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10 Wedding Photographers to Check Out for that Bright and Natural Look


As usual, I didn’t have a preferred style until I started looking into various portfolios. Then I began collecting ideas and building my preferences, after which I concluded that my dream output is one with bright and natural feels to it, who doesn’t?!

To be specific, and nit picky:

  • I want photos that are properly composed, especially if it has people in it.
  • Photos that are bright and happy, but not saturated. In fact I want bright, balanced photos, with slightly de-saturated backgrounds. No popping colors, just pure neutral and organic goodness.
  • I wouldn’t check your camera settings (woah there) but I would want raw photos that are well lit. When I say raw, I mean unedited. Please don’t piss me off with RAW files haha. I mean I’d ask for them immediately after our event so it helps if the photographer already has a bunch of no-filter good quality shots! Does it help that we’re having a morning wedding? Haha Is it too much to ask? Do most photographers shoot RAW? Can’t I get my JPEGs immediately? hehe
  • Styled – cos I’m a sucker for aesthetics but couldn’t flat-lay properly. For what it’s worth, I have fake grass, wooden clothespins, and jute strings for props, yeah?
  • Stock quality – yes I’m arte like that! I want stock quality photos. Char but not quite.

Finally, shempre di pa ko tapos, post-processing matters a lot to me because this is where the final output is getting brewed. I want photos that don’t look filtered. There are photographers who churn out albums that look like they’ve been slapped with just a preset, and boom, done. No further effort made balancing each photo. Presets are great, they’re the first things I learned when I started tinkering with Lightroom and I thought they’re magic. But they’re not everything.
Vignettes, HDR, and dark and grainy cinematic effects are not my thing too. At least not for a wedding.

So with all these demands, I’m proud to present to you my 10 favorite local wedding photographers – based on their portfolios , as I haven’t been blessed with the opportunity (and budget) to work with them (ETA: we got Dave Sarabia and our photos are perfect!!!). Also, they’re responsible for turning me into this nit picky ass. But I swear if I get to work with any of them, they wouldn’t hear a word from me, just tears of joy and snorts of laughter (‘cos I hear they’re a delight to work with as well).

In no particular order:

Disclaimer: All photos are from the photographers’ respective online portfolios and rates are for the first quarter of 2017. 

ALSO (ETA) just so you won’t get disappointed why this and that photographer isn’t here, I noted down mostly 1) those we considered booking, 2) those whose portfolios struck me personally, and 3) of course those who came in my radar while researching. I’m aware there are hundreds of talented photographers out there, but 10 won’t be enough to feature them all. Consider this a modest promotion based on what I’ve been exposed to so far. I’m not up to lurk in the wedding industry forever, this isn’t a wedding blog lol.

Let’s go!

1. Daniel Talavera Photography

Investment: ₱35,000 to ₱75,000


2. Mara and Mike Photography

Investment: ₱25,000 to ₱70,000

Aaaargh! I’m so tempted to get them!

3. Chestknots Studios

Investment: ₱78,800 to ₱136,800

4. The Perfect Grey Photography

Investment: ₱30,000 to ₱80,000

5. Foreveryday Photography

Investment: ₱75,000 to ₱120,000

6. Law Tapalla Photography

Investment₱35,000 to ₱70,000


7. Team Benitez Photo

Investment: ₱70,000 to ₱110,000


8. CamZar Photography

Investment: ₱50,000 to ₱155,000 (with video tie-up)


9. Dave Sarabia Photography

Investment: ₱22,000 to 57,000 (with video tie-up)


10. Bob and Zab Photography

Investment: ₱40,000 to ₱80,000


That’s it! I had fun curating this list, and layouting them as well. It was suuuuch a dreamy experience going through each of their portfolios. 
Did I miss anyone? I’m aware there are still tons of great photographers out there who’s forte is this style so if you think there are more who deserve to be on the list, feel free to comment and let me know! Who knows a part 2 is coming? 😉