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I just hit a different kind of low at work today. According to my notebook I have six active applications to work on which are due tomorrow til next week and I have totally no drive to work on them. The only motivation I have is this weird sense of wanting to tick them off my to-do list just because I wrote them down (now isn’t that helpful), but nothing grand like me wanting to do well on all of them. Which is perfectly normal I thiiiink. I just want to get them over with and fast forward to the weekend, which sadly isn’t all that promising given this calendar event I got just now that spells weekend work.

So, lots of things to do + a frkn weekend work = 2 counts of low.

And there’s more.

People are resigning. I mentioned our company is in quite a bad shape. Client acquisition is terrible, and people are not meeting their deliverables. The stink of all that has trickled down to our salaries, our bonuses, our incentives, our livesss charot. I can feel the morale of the people in this building dropping as days go by without news of when they’re crediting the mythical performance bonus. Only God knows how long we can hold up. LOL did I just say we? That’s the most loyal I can be.

3 down.

I’m broke. That’s 4.

I’m a jobless freelancer right now.


So I’m keeping myself busy updating my portfolio with my recently concluded projects. Check it out! It’s so fun doing mockups! But it sucks when you can’t even download the PSDs because #blocked.


Okay, let’s stop with the negativity.

Back to “work”.