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Husay at Malasakit: just what the world needs

Happy throwback Thursday everyone!

Last year I was given an opportunity to do some design work for an organization’s fund raising event — a fun run! Being that I get easily excited with anything that has something to do with layouting and all the nitty gritties involved with it, I took the offer and did most of the design paraphernalia for the event.

The Storytelling Project Run for Reading
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Apart from the proud feeling that people got to wear a race bib I designed, or saw a poster I so carefully thought of, there’s also the heartwarming impression knowing that the organization I’m supporting is going to run miles with their advocacy of reaching a community of young learners and impart to them the indispensable value of reading. 🙂 
This non-government organization., The Storytelling Project is one such effort that is very close to my heart, for it allowed me to share my passion for the arts, and it’s also advocating something that I strongly believe in — education!
Up until now I’m still extending my talents as a volunteer artist. I’m currently doing a children’s book project with them and I’m so freaking excited about the outcome! Stay tuned for that! >XD
When it comes to something you’re good at, you love doing, and is benefiting a lot of our countrymen, there should be no stopping you! Our greatest passions have the ability to feed our souls in an incredible manner. 
That’s my husay and malasakit story, and much like UNILAB, I have taken it to heart to exert my best in everything I do, and consider the many lives i could touch with my passion. 
Being the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, it’s no wonder how they have braved the test of time and proved themselves to be worthy of our trust. It’s admirable how in spite of the changing times and technology, UNILAB’s heart didn’t waver in its mission of providing only the best healthcare products to the Filipinos.
Watch their latest TV commercial thrusting their newest campaign and be further assured that UNILAB cares for us. 🙂
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