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what day is it?

it’s our 8th monthsary yeyyy!!! i would have preferred it that we just stayed here at home the entire day watching TV and cuddling (after all, we’re both broke) but this morning smart called and asked me to pass my requirements already if i wanted to be on board on the 1st, so i had to rush there and pass all the papers even though i’m still lacking my NBI clearance and BIR chuva form. hahaha

onga pala, ever since monday, i kindof lost track of time na grabe. i feel like aaaaall the things i’ve attended to are crammed in a day. makati every now and then, mrt mrt, bus bus, walk walk. i can’t tell which day i went where, it all seems like kanina lang sila lahat nangyari hahaha i feel restless already and i’m not even working yet. anyway, i know it’s part of the requirements completion process. haha haggard sobra.

anyway, i’ll try to remember what i did since monday:

//MONDAY – i believe this was the day i went to BIR to file my RDO transfer request. i was confused with the form smart gave me because it had a different employer and a different destination RDO (for awhile i thought they put me in an agency as a contractual employee! the horror!!!). i thought about confirming it with them but they freaking won’t answer my calls, the numbers they gave just kept on ringing so i just corrected the RDO myself then left for makati becaaaaause… i’m scheduled to get my X-ray. after that i walked to smart tower to inquire about the BIR forms they gave and also to clarify a few questions about the requirements. turns out they gave me the wrong form >XD so i had to go back to BIR to update my request lol but it was getting late already so bukas na lang…


//TUESDAY – i was informed by a friend that accenture just raised its basic pay for ASE’s from 18k to 24k, and from that i gathered some of my friends (namely mark and jay) to walk in at accenture and try our lucks. the trip to their recruitment office was every bit exhausting, err actually just the part where we’re trying to find the applicants’ “entrance” because the mall is still closed, blah blah shempre nahanap naman namin diba haha. the exam was hard, specially the part aside from english (kalimutan ko na ung tawag). wala hirap eh. haha after lunch around 1pm, we went back for the results, mark and jay didn’t make it hehe. i was told to wait for mine because it’s still not there but it was already 2:30pm (i told mark and jay to leave na lang and not wait) so i just left and was told that they’ll inform me na lang.

from boni i rushed to BIR to update my request. it’s a good thing i didn’t have to fall in line. it was around 3:30pm na, and i still have to reach SSS fairview before 5pm. buti na lang! i got there around 4 and waited until 5 to get my SSS number yeyyy. HAHAHA

after that, i went home to change clothes because i still have to make papicture as part of the requirements. hahaha nagmakeup makeup pa ko ah! tas di pa pantay eyeliner ko obvious tuloy sa picture. and you know what, i was disappointed with the kind of editing PICTURE PERFECT SM FAIRVIEW did. my hair was wrongly cut and i don’t quite appreciate the way they even out the skin HAHAHA ang arte ko ba? siguro nga kasi when i got home i repaired each and every one of my photos! as in! i drew on them to “balance” my hair, and tried to add eyeliner too. haha sorry na. >:P

//WEDNESDAY – today today! aside from what’s written on the top most part, i failed accenture din pala! they just emailed now hehe >:D better luck next time (or not). it’s probably God’s way of telling me i should go all the way to smart. thank you Lord! >:D then again, i rechecked the accenture site and found that the position ASE is not listed anymore on their job search page. it was also already taken down at jobstreet. i guess they’re not hiring ASE’s for now? hehe

//TOMORROW – what i’m sure of is that I’M SUPPOSED TO line up at NBI at 5am then go to makati to pass the clearance, then follow up my Xray results! hehe sana maganap lahat yan haha

so far i’m tired! >XD
loading bleach! yeyyy