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youth leaders summit 2012

LOL. look what i’ll be attending on the 19th until 21st! A YOUTH LEADERS SUMMIT?! Natatawa ako cos mam ruiz just pushed a selected few to apply (including me), e shempre obedient ako so i passed the requirements. nakakahiya eh. i thought it was just a seminar for student leaders chuchu so i was wondering why it has a selection process yun naman pala it will take 3 days and is kindof, idunno, big? anyway. i feel bad for not being proud of this. first of all, i could hardly call myself a leader. second, i think the event is for aspiring politicians in the future (which i am not). third, chaka ko na ididsclose hahaha baka bad eh. but of course, with the school proud (if they really are) of having a delegate there, i guess i must do my best? technically even though the said dates are already after finals week, meaning my term as president of ICON and CBS has expired, i have not graduated nor cleared myself so i’m still subject to the school’s uhm, mercy? hala ewan.

sabi nga ni sir earl when i asked him if i could excuse myself on the job fair because i’m not interested in call centers he said, “do it for the school.” those words actually hit me, srsly. i’ve grown to love FEU FERN over the years and if my simple act of attendance and participation could actually mean something for the school, then so be it. i’ll do it. so what i did was, I DITCHED IT!

bitch please, we have thesis (which is exponentially more important than trying to impress call center recruiters for the sake of…see i don’t even know!)

back to the summit, so i joined the yahoo group for participants and everyday i get group mails coming from some members expressing their excitement over the event, plugging their FBs and plain wanting to be friends. i wish i could be as excited as they are! i am (kindof), but you know, i’ll be going solo LOL so i’ll just try to befriend maybe some fellow forever alone and uhm, walk around katips? it can’t be that bad!

i wasn’t planning on checking in cos LOL i just live at fairview HAHAHAHAHA but it would cost me some kindof pamasahe so sayang din naman pera and they said libre accommodation and FOOD so that’s really really pretty cool! hahaha

i dunno. k. hahaha

Thank you for this chance, Lord, to once again represent the school. i sooo don’t think i deserve this but oh well, that’s one line added to my resume! hehe

wish me luck! or friends >:)