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// not a finger put on thesis today. i suddenly got carried away (yet again and again) photoshopping announcements, scrolling through 9gag*, and just yearbooking instead of thesising (not that there’s any cool progress with either but errrr). i’m totally missing out on the more important things to do…. like take a bath?

// wow. longest time i spent in the basement this week haha. >:|

* – i know some people feel bitter that 9gag is becoming mainstream JUST because they feel like they were the first ones to discover it. oh well you were the ones who shared 9gag to us so don’t fret like we’ve just robbed you of the charter status. if anything, just look for a potentially better 9gag, be a loser and keep it yourself.

// i feel so FREAKING LAX! what the hell are we gonna show mam garcia this saturday? for the nth time, i’m not doing anything. lol

// i feel so freaking irresponsible lately, academics wise. before, i keep on pushing myself to do my best but now i just want to PASS thesis and focus on the yearbook. yeah right. and start earning and buy a kickass laptop hehe

// for now i have to, uhm, i dunno. start thesis maybe? haha