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7-11 is giving away FREE Snickers chocolate bars!


Do you want to win FREE snickers bars at the least, and at most, a samsung galaxy tab?
Well 7-11, in partnership with mars chocolates, brewed this promo for us!!! >XD

so how do you win free snickers bars?
* essential prerequisite: a facebook account
* check your notifications if some of your friends have already given you invitations from Snickers Philippines (it has been going around the town recently, so chances are you’ve already got an invite)
* if there’s none…then
* go to the snickers philippines facebook application at http://apps.facebook.com/snickersphilippines
* allow the application to pull some blah from your profile. or just click on ‘allow’ lol
* like their page as suggested by the following webpage
* and then… there, once the app loads. the instructions are aaaaall there.

@ get as much of your friends to like the Snickers Philippines page by sending them invites using the app
@ 5 likes = 1 snickers bar

thing is, you have to be the first one to invite your friend, otherwise even if he/she accepts YOUR invitation and liked the page on your account, the credit still goes to the FIRST one who gave the invite.

so some tips for immediate results, and this is how i usually do it too:
$ if you have a lot of friends, go online and send invites to your friends whom you know have only few friends. cos chances are, with the very few friends they have, an invitation hasn’t reached them yet.
$ as soon as you’ve sent the invitation, chat with that friend before she logs out. haha give a generic copy-pasted message telling him/her to accept your Snickers Philippines invite on his/her notifications and blaaah
$ be nice and accommodating! chat like a human and not like a spambot hahahaha

application requests are easily ignored, so unless you tell the person something cool’s up with the app request you just sent, he’ll never look into it on his own.

anyway. currently on 16 bars! working for more! >XD

let’s just hope this is as reaaal as it gets. lurking around the 7-11 fanpage, i haven’t read a good feedback about their claiming procedures (even with the other promos). plus, a lot of people are complaining that some 711 stores are ignorant of the promo. LOL  i’m dang crossing my fingers on this. it better be real. >XD

oryt. now if you’re up for the promo, edi go!
better tips (aside from creating fake accounts)? ping me!>:D