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jam legeeeeennnddd >XD

it’s the perfect distraction, probably the devil’s advocate for making sure i do nothing productive at all. i’m jammin in the insane level and still honing ma skills so i can be legendareh in no time! bwahaha! i’m pretty caffeinated right now, plus i got around 4 hours of siesta awhile ago so i’m alive as heaven! >XD

this gotta stop but i don’t want to! i only have one thing lined up today, and that’s to do some kickin subnettin. then i hafta cook somethin up to make this project look believable like crazy. ugh. i dunno. times are getting harder. i’m supposed to be payin the bills today but i’m broke as hell and i only have enough to pay for 1 statement. and i have 2. so uhm. hmm.

donate? >XD
or just gimme a job! not online tho. >:(

my mom and i quarreled over my summer working plans. i have it! i have my resume (in mind hehe)! and i’m pretty impressed at it! one year and i’ve earned so much to brag about. i’m about to distribute it to uhm, places where i can get a decent summer day job but she doesn’t want me. says i’m wasting my youth tryna earn money like i have no parents who can support me.

truth is, it’s not about bein an adult and all. i’m just too materialistic, earth-bound, and prideful and i dun wanna bother my parents with things i don’t need (in a parents’ perspective), say a laptop, a decent cellphone, a mp3 player, a set of sharpies, kurecolor, flats etc etc etc. so i figured i have to earn money for these luhoSSSS. >:)

naaah, they just want me to go to driving school. haha haynako kung alam nyo na lang kung gano ko kagusto matuto magdrive pero natatakot ako kasi nerbyosa nga ako. nasstress ako pag me biglang sumusulpot na kung ano, like speeding cars, honking buses, and motorcycles, EVEN WHEN I’M NOT THE ONE DRIVING. gives me heeeelll yeah.

ok back to jam legend! >XD