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Month: December 2010

  • Merry Christmas!

    Spent the 25th at my lola’s! it was a fun and tiring day! our family gets bigger and bigger every year that we couldn’t even fit in the place anymore. What a blessing >:D Time has gone by so fast, we used to be the small kids running around and lining up for mint 20…

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  • warning: emo/jealous/insecure girl ahead

    oyan kasi,  bs cyber-stalking mode! i actually befriended her just to confirm if there’s something going on. kasi nahihinuha ko na meron e. elamonaman ako, the ever suspicious, super selosa, overanalyzing cyber-stalker  in the guise of  a super friendly, ever supportive, martyr-martyran friend!  ang hirap ng madaming alam. e kaso pano ba yan, tama nanaman ako! meron nga. pero…

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  • Joseph Marco

    caught him at Sabel and thought he’d make a better leading man than AJ Perez. acting-wise though, hilaw pa sila lahat! pero geeez, supercrush!!! >:D he registers to me as parang kim bum, and may pagka felix roco din in some angles. in any case, he’s hot. ♥ ♥ and the smile man. the smile!…

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  • tell me.

    tell me why it’s such a wrong  idea to stalk your crushes on Christmas. kasi it ruins the festive air mehn!!! >X( shempre pagselosin mo ba naman sarili mo? sadya pa? henako. antagaltagaltagal na nito. hindi masanaysanaysanay! and see? i know when there’s something going on! first time pa lang kitang nakita, alam kong kaagaw…

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  • hohoho?

    i don’t know who or what to blame this on but i’m not in the mood to write! it’s almost Christmas, but i can’t feel it. >:| it seems just like a regular holiday you knooow, food, gifts, stuff. hehe maybe i’ll go watch the remaining of chuck season3.  >:) oh wait. something epic happened,…

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  • not enough gratitude

    i was wondering on what could have been if none of it happened. i would probably have a new best friend. then i would have someone to talk to right now. then i wouldn’t have to rely on this blog for a decent outlet. but it did. i consider it a loss, but that’s life.…

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