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Month: September 2010

  • fuckyeahsick

    my friends are inviting me over for dinner but i couldn’t move an inch from my bed. wrong, i couldn’t move 10 meters without wanting to drag myself and plop back. it’s also my sister’s RD today and she wants to go out. i want to go out too! i want to eat world chicken…

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  • e bat kase

    why can’t i be someone special to you. you never reserve the dates we’ve talked about, then you’ll go bailing out on the last minute. it happens every time, and i feel stupid for ever looking forward to any of our ‘dates’. date as in usapan, for a lack of a better term. last priority…

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  • yess. malas.

    remind me to QUIT posting my plans (or stuff i’m anticipating) in this blog. they never happen. instead of coming home with a wireless router and 5 grand, i came home with my pants and shoes soaked wet. no money, no router, just rainwater messing up with my mood. sacrifices. i was aching to go…

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  • oh wow

    if this day goes well… i’m going home with cash and a wireless router. please Lord, pleaaasse. i’m bothered enough with what’s happening, i don’t know what to do. grabe, it happened twice already. why Lord, whyyyyy. i want my friends back. you take them away with the most uncompromising situation. sleeep, be my friend…

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