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Month: May 2009

  • training day #2

    yesterday was PCTC, today was SAMS (sales analysis and management systems??? or sales and management systems? dammt i suck) i really love the trainors at cubao. they’re all good looking and they’re all effective speakers. we had a new trainor this morning but right this afternoon we resumed to our previous trainor. yes, the one…

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  • hey!

    i’ve deleted yanbirog.blogspot.com and melodia04.blogspot.comi’m back to blogging here at this address. i know it’s confusing! it confused me like hell too! i ‘ve already imported all the entries from my previous blog so hopefully this’ll stay for real. o.O; i’ve actually figured out a way to transfer blog ownership to a different email account.…

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  • training day #1

    i woke up really early this day, 7am!!! yeah, that's already too early for a bum like me. then i went to Philamlife Cubao at Gateway to attend the PCTC (pre-contractual??? training course). for a first timer like me, it was kinda hard…but it was one hell of enlightenment for me to finally get acquainted…

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  • sinking fund

    i drew that for the org newsletter which i think won’t get published anytime soon. tsk tsk tsk. it’s an editorial cartoon that tackles one of the main problems of the organization: money, folks! i did a bit of research on how to create editorial cartoons (cos it’s my first time to do so) and…

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  • no gym for a week

    man, i’m wasting my money by not going to the gym! tomorrow until friday, i’ll be attending a training seminar about insurance. then i’ll be taking the insurance chorvaloo exam, get licensed and prolly sell insurance as a sideline. LOLOLOLOLOL. i’m doing this because of my parents but it’s kinda interesting as well. 😀 because…

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  • *insert fangirl squeal*

    this is tortuuuuuure!!!! woo bin's voice is too hot for me to handle.takteng intro yaaaaan! omg. pati sa rap kinikilig ako! XD ayayaaaay!!!!

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