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wala akong masabi

you made my day yesterday. grabe thank you. ♥ 🙂

i’ve started taking art commissions now! (if that’s how you call it bwahaha)

i got around 11 orders during our last GA and more from my classmates this morning. i guess it’s going to be a weekend full of work for me. and i’m earning VERY little, seriously. i put a lot of effort in every artwork even though they’re just playing-card sized, and being the ‘perfectionist’ artist that i am, i always think the end product sucks… but people still like it. 🙂

i’m trying to experiment on different designs (preferrably for men) T__T;

anyway, i’m happy because i’m surviving with what little income i get from drawing. 🙂 hahaha friends na kami nung taga laminate ko, may discount pa ko pag madami! go business!


para talaga akong ewan >__>; hahaha, so after all this time. crush ko pa pala sya.