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oh the positivity

i thought i said yesterday that i’m only going to skip my 10a class… but looks like i also skipped another class… hist2. which makes me a really really bad student now. i don’t know, maybe i’ve reached the maximum number of absences in hist2 already and i should be forced drop now.


i only swam this day, and thank God i’ve finished my make-up! hurrayhurray! no more overexposure to our overly chlorinated pool! yessss!!! i’ve got an uneven skintone now (in the face man!) and a burnt feeling whenever i apply powder or facial wash on my face right after swimming. sucks big time.

so after all, i’m still a girlygirl… because i worry about my freakin skintone. bwahahaha

hey, kim came! hehe she took pictures of me swimming with her slr camera. oh the coolness. wait, i was conscious….. hahaha if i only knew how to do the butterfly stroke then i would’ve given her cam a demo! weeeeh. i wanted to look like a pro… you know, with the complete swimming attire (for photographs sake). but then, i don’t have a swimming cap so i guess i just looked like an amats chicken. i wanna see the pictures!

anyhow, i thought i also mentioned yesterday that i’m going to use this afternoon to study chem40 – unless i slept. guess what? the latter prevailed.

is there still hope for me?

another thing, on our way to buy dinner , i got hit by a speeding scooter. man, it hurts! my head hit the passenger’s helmet – which totally put me out of my mind. damn, i don’t recall who i am anymore… hehe kidding. but dmn, my head hurts! until now. may bukol pa ko. hahahaha… and i was even so happy after the horrible incident. i was laughing, saying “ok lang ako! hahaha” to my concerned dormmates…
wtf, i even said SORRY to the scooter driver — who happened to be a freakin tomboy. oh, i just lost my appetite.

weirdly enough, i didn’t get angry. bwahaha
the tricycle drivers around were the ones who cursed the perpetrator on my part and i was overjoyed. it was heartwarming to have someone fight for you even if you don’t want to and you’re totally strangers to each other. thanks!

and when we reached kuya’s carinderia i noticed that my right arm is BLEEDING! bwahahaha so i figured i also hit the scooter’s steering handle. after a moment or so, it’s becoming so painful already so i went with my sister to buy some remedy and also photocopy some handouts.

hehe, i bought a bandage. i think it was hurt badly i cannot raise my arm fully or even do a right-hand backstroke. oh hello, muscles. T___T; huhuhu good thing it wasn’t heavily injured… like the one in my right leg years ago… the muscoskeletalchorvachorva… i actually think it’s starting to resurface because i feel like it’s limping once again. hayhayhay, too much swimming i guess.

no back to my exam. 🙂