A very personal blog

not bad for our first time! 😀

honestly, i thought we’re going to screw up on the cheering competition (i didn’t dance. i just sat there cheering for our cheering team. hehe) but no! i actually thought we’re competitive enough. others even say we bagged the 4th place but the hosts only announced up to the third place so… uhh, that sucks. anyhow.

i enjoyed most of the night… even though i get sleepy at times. hehehe
congrats to ate mildred! she won miss eng’g meet 1st runner up. yeeey!

we did great. go AChES! 🙂

i was expecting to see ESG but they didn’t join this year, as well as IESO and PSJT. >____>;

issues, issues…

everytime i think of it, i only get confused. to transfer to fine arts or to pursue being a chemical engineer? wtf. there’s no harm in trying… but there’s the big paperworks/interviews hassle to deal with.

and the problem with me is that… i’m too lazy for my own good. sometimes i get too unmotivated that i couldn’t care much if i flunk chem40 for the second time and retake it again (no this is not a grammatical error) next schoolyear. i wonder WHAT DRIVES ME.

yes, i am an artist. i sorta good one at that. but it definitely isn’t something i want to pursue in life. it’s just a hobby, perhaps more… err, a passion. yes, i’m passionate about the arts but i don’t know, i don’t know! i always end up drawing when i should be studying for an exam.

let’s evaluate my drn life.

ok, i hate memorizing stuff. i hate chemistry. i hate math (although we’re good acquaintances in highschool). i hate objective exams.

i like writing (though i’m not good at it). COMPUTERS! i like webdesigning, html, css. COMSCI??? -i like comsci, sans programming and math 20 series- (o.O). i like fiddling with adobe photoshop. drawing, yeah.

what about chem. eng? i don’t like it! i’m just ‘proud’ of being an engineering student. hahahaha sometimes i appreciate chemistry… depends on the teacher and my level of comprehension. but most of the time it disgusts me. sorry.

ay nakooooo.
walang direksyon ang buhay kooooooooooo.

what? everyone’s turning into juniors next sem and chances are i might be stuck as a freshman for another sem…

hala, arianne… mataranta ka naman!!!!