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snatched away (is that redundant?) >__<

i just stole 4gigs worth of files here in astra… >___>; i took in episodes 16-47 of Nana (an anime series). Astra has a lot of animes for viewing here… thing is, and of course too, they have to contain it within their computer shop. they put up enough warnings not to steal but i insist on being guilty. i can’t afford to sit here and wait for the whole series to finish playing… by then i’ll be begging alms before i even know it.

haha. steffi’s right. they’re not checking who’s stealing, they don’t even have that chorva detector who can see through video thieves. hehehe…

works just good for me. bwahahaha

oh, valentines was ok. i went feb-fairing with my orgmates then with my dormates… our brods gave us heart shaped balloons… which i’m very thankful for because at last i won’t be loitering around the field feeling envious of girls carrying long-stemmed roses and pink balloons from their boyfriends…

but even before i got a good walk around the field feeling proud that i’m not so lonely this season (because looook! i have a balloon! a proof that someone cares. hahaha)… i lost the gdmn thing. i wasn’t really carrying it, i just stuck it on my bag… and 10 meters after i walked away from our booth i checked my bag and saw the balloon is gone… and only the fckdmt stick was left. ate joegie and i decided to look back for it and we saw it on lying on the ground…

but wtf, wait… even before i was given the chance to shout the words “WAIT! THAT’S MY FCKN BALLOON! THE ONLY GIFT I RECEIVED THIS BLASTED SEASON!!!!” …

a streetchild snatched it
arg, that killed my appetite (and also gave me this ridiculous feeling that it was a sign that i’m not going to get a lovelife ever). hahahahahaha

so i didn’t go for it anymore.
why, it’s just a balloon. and it’s not even from someone special 🙁

not that i’m saying my brods aren’t special but the one who gave it to me was like, “meron ka na? o” and handed it to me without even looking. how cold. T___T; i was even beaming madly about the generosity of thy sensitive brods… but oh well, looks like i got it from the wrong person (and i’m not saying he’s bad. he’s naturally like that so i couldn’t demand anything). could’ve taken the other side of the booth and gotten it from someone more cheerful…. hay.

saddest part yet, i wasn’t able to see my crush. T___T;