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my classmate's goggles. hehe

i just came across a video file here called shinsen corp – zombie loan… hehe anime! bwaha nice nice, freaky. but nice art…? err still uncomparable to claymore type art but it's good! at least not as ugly as initial d drawings*
*ooops. sorry sorry, but seriously… i could've enjoyed initial d if they were drawn better… they remind of the knock out characters. bwahaha. and they're ugly. wenk.
you might not notice but i'm publishing this entry through mail because… err… because i'm too lazy to access my dashboard through the blogger homepage.
you know what, i woke up fantasizing this morning. wtf.wtf.WTF. i'm not even sure if it was a fantasy or a dream but i realized it was indeed one of my silly hopeless fantasies because i gathered i'm already half-conscious and was trying to continue the story, but forgot most of it anyways (which makes it like a half-dream half-fantasy thing haha). the only thing i remember is that were about to bungee jump together. and i fainted while diving down. bwahaha.
that was like 6am. >__>; then i went back to sleep again because i alarmed my phone at 630. hehe i have class at 7.
anyhow, i ended up waking 645. bwahaha so i slipped through my swimsuit and put on my clothes, took my jacket and stormed off to the pool.
swimming is a dmn good exercise. that's if you're willing to sacrifice getting a horrible and irreparable (sp?) chlorine tan. i get darker and darker every week and the grim part of it is that i didn't get it from the sun but from our oversaturated pool… which is a hopeless case if you want to revive your lost skintone. .>__>;
gosh. i tried swimming 50 meters straight and i almost died of exhaustion.
and my classmate's goggles was lost under the pool. no one really asked me to get it but since i'm closest to it, i figured i was obliged to do it. T__T; friends, i dunno what's up with her goggles. why must it drown and rest way down on the pool floor… 10 meters below the gutter surface???
and i was like trying to submerge myself but i end up rising upwards so i asked the lifeguard for assistance. he taught me how to submerge but i still can't reach the bottom. >__>;; i have to release a lot of air to go down but come on, how can i survive without air? haha… in the the end mr. lifeguard (who's polite enough to assist me with the blasted goggles) used a pole to reach the pool floor and i swam underneath, using the pole to reach the bottom.
yeah, i got the goggles so i'm now swimming upwards, the pole was a big help, but i'm slowly running out of air. omaygulay. then kuya lifeguard pulled and pulled… it was WAY TOO FAST i felt my ears deafen. T___T;;
yey. cool! i was like muro-ami-ing. bwahahahaha
thanks, kuya for the experience. i enjoyed it. ^______^=v
when came back to the dorm, i wrote an early entry to my 'dear Lord diary' saying I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM.
yes, until now.
call it crap, just not love please.