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it must have been love

happy saturday! hehehe i just got home! actually i’m supposed to wake up at 5am today but ended up waking 2 and a half hours later. bwaha and when i checked my phone… it’s freakin turned OFF (that’s why it didn’t alarm). i was charging it overnight but i have no idea what happened. bwahaha… good thing it’s only 730am.

i wanted to watch the physics fair but i figured i don’t really have a business there. so i just left. i wanna see their projects because i’ve always been a tech savy and seeing investigative projects interest me a lot. bwahehehe… i remember once, i wanted to be an inventor but realized i don’t have enough physics skills to pull off something that actually works. my creativity is confined only on papers, canvasses or webpages but never on a 3D mechanical thing.

and that’s something i want to learn. >____>;

anyway, last night was great! bwahaha i watched NASCaya-saya, a variety show hosted by nasc3 students. i went with anne, roseanne, steffi, vynne and hana and finished the whole show. actually, i’m not taking nasc3 this sem… i just went there because my dearest batchmate informed me that my crush is going to present.

so in short, i sacrificed last night just to watch him when i could’ve gone home and saved myself the money for food and fare. that’s how crazy i am about seeing him. and that’s just my objective, i just want to see him because we don’t have classes on monday and i can’t wait till wednesday. crap

the presentations were nice! i enjoyed them because i have a lot of friends in their lecture class. bwahaha i was cheering aloud, shouting names. bwahahahaha…

i enjoyed st-3R’s (3R nga ba?) presentation the most. shempre biased hehe (pero the best talaga!). they did a phantomime, i’m not sure how you call it exactly… they did something similar to PingPong Matrix and Cena Matrix (watch it in youtube) and it was highly laudable! galing galing. nakakimpress. PBB housemates weren’t able to do that! hehehehe

they won 3rd place. =)

steffi’s class won first place! yeah. congrats!!! hehehe i liked the video editing! it was superb.

wishlist update: ADOBE PREMIERE!!!

hey, i got a food stub without registering (thanks hana!)! another thing that completed my day! i was so hungry, i haven’t eaten anything decent that day (if you’d like to consider the tempeh kedelee we prepared in micro1 lab decent, FINE) and my money’s just enough for the bus fare… haha thank God talaga. bwahahaha

i’m very happy right now.

i’ve also had a lot of realizations… petty ones (if you’d come to think of it).

i realized na super HINDI KAMI BAGAY… in terms of handling things, especially acads and extra curricular stuff. he’s just so rightly motivated with everything. this is his haggard month, i see him doing a lot of things. and i can’t believe he’s doing well. he does well in everything!!!
career mode sya.

tsk. eh ako, napaka-shallow. ayaw mag-aral. happy go lucky. mediocre. i refuse to engage in things that don’t spark up a nerve in me (eg. chemistry).
i’m not called for this.
but he inpires me.

i think i’ll do better when i shift.

here goes confusion!