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waiting on the world to change

weird. nothing’s up with the title… hehe
still here in elbi… i’m waiting for my mp3 player to charge… then i’ll go…

it’s friday! the weather’s cool but the rain isn’t…. >_>; my umbrella just broke! my cute (very!) cute umbrella! *it’s so cute i’ll post a picture of it here soon… hehehe no hint of sarcasm here

chem40 lab awhile ago was fine… i think it was his shortest postlab so far, i’m happy for myself because of that. at least i won’t go about dodging his looks once he starts calling names for recitation. you know how much it sucks to be called my him? fuck. if it weren’t for his, okay i admit, relatively helpful amount of knowledge on the said matter… i wouldn’t make an effort to take down notes (i don’t usually take down notes on labs)… then again, whatever.

even in his shortest postlab he still has the guts to insult us all. ay ewan, i don’t want to talk about him further. hehehe

at least we’re done with the freakin hydrocarbon tests. >_>;