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will i ever get the chance to…?

@ one of the things i enjoy most is daydreaming about my crushes. okok, sorry i’m actually making a very shallow teenybopper entry about my usual grayscale of a lovelife.

thing is, everytime i meet with kat (which is basically everyday), all she ever talks about is her boyfriend… her palangga, her tart, her love. not that it annoys me, it’s actually fun just listening to her and their (sometimes) misadventures into (omg, i hate writing like this) the labyrinth of love. harharhar, now i wrote it. sometimes it makes me jealous. i’m turning 18 and i haven’t got a decent love-life. maybe i’m that ugly. or perhaps the people here are just so consumed with their academic lives to even bother looking for a special someone. i don’t know, i’m not sure.

so ask me, what have i eaten lately that i suddenly feel like i’ve been lacking enough experiences on love?

actually, last night ate jayjay’s orgmates went for a carol in our dorm. before they sang christmas songs, we made a request first. we made them sing ‘harana’ by parokya ni edgar. i just sat there on the couch, kinikilig. ang sarap palang maharana. ♥ ♥ ♥ i never thought having someone serenade you would be so heartwarming. i love the feeling. and everytime i try reliving it, i feel nice! hehehe

honestly, i’m not sure if i want to have a boyfriend now. i’m very picky. >_> i don’t want to settle for something less…? and yabang hahahaha. seriously, i don’t just consider every nice guy to be fit for me! we (women) have this annoying tendency to be so overly picky with the guys, like they’ll just kneel down before us and present themselves, if they’re not good enough then sorry, reject.

no, i’m not saying i’ve rejected someone already. heck, i don’t even have a choice! as in none! 0! nada nada null null. no one has presented himself before me, ever. saaaaad. nyak.

@ one of the hardest thing to do is to go on a DIET.
i think if i transfer to foreha, or to new dorm, then i’ll never have to worry about getting a regular exercise. but come on, where am i? i’m so close to temptation. i walk out of the dorm and all i see is food! i don’t have to walk a mile to go to my classes, because there’s always a jeepney waiting outside. i can’t go lazy about going outside because it wouldn’t even cost me a kilocalorie.

compared to life in new dorm or in forestry, if you want to get food you have to make a mental struggle because it’s too far! so in the end you’ll just go sore with what’s present in the canteen. >___>;;

dancel dancel, i think i’d go thinner if i live in the fourth floor of dancel dormitory. hahahaha good idea.

ok, so effective tomorrow. NO RICE. just biscuit or bread but NOOOO RICE.